The #ABCs of Toddler Ride Ons and Bikes

When little one gains confidence with independent movement, all they want to do is explore! Their curiosity and excitement guides them and soon, parents find their babies have grown and they have rambunctious toddlers whizzing around the house. Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, have a great selection of toddler ride ons and bikes that add an extra dimension of excitement to a child’s exploration of their home, allowing them to channel their movement into propelling a cool vehicle. 

Using their feet to push ride ons or bikes forward helps children to build up gross motor skills, as well as strengthening key muscles that will ensure their legs and backs are sturdy and well developed. Steering the bike helps to develop hand-eye coordination, as well as fine motor skills in the fingers and wrists. Navigating around the home on their ride on allows them to increase their spatial awareness skills, as they’ll soon become adept at avoiding walls and other obstacles in their paths. These toys are also great for imaginative play, as kids can imagine themselves zooming down highways or riding their valiant steeds.

Infantino’s cute 3-in-1 Sit, Walk & Ride Unicorn and Elephant ride on toys feature three ways to play and adapt for various stages of a child’s growth and confidence with movement. Kids can firstly sit on their cute companion’s back and explore the fun hands-on activities. Then the toy allows them to stand and walk, as kids can lift the seat for a handle that will steady and guide their steps, helping them to gain confidence. Lastly, they can use it as a ride on and it features adjustable settings to help control wheel speed. 

Little Bird Told Me offer some beautiful ride on animals that kids will love, such as Hubert Highland Cow – a delightfully fluffy animal friend that kids will love to touch and stroke. This ride on toy features multi directional castors so it’s easy for kids to control and steer.  It features a curved padded seat finished in stylish leatherette, adding to the high quality look and feel of the toy, as well as providing a supportive and comfortable experience for those sitting on the toy. 

VTech’s fun 4-in-1 Alphabet Train is the perfect choice to combine learning with ride along fun. With four different functionalities to suit little one’s needs, this great toy boasts a host of fun activities that make it a really versatile offering to the category. The toy includes 13 double-sided letter blocks, as well as a removable activity panel, number pad, light up piano keys, turning book and manipulative gears. It teaches kids a variety of essential topics and features 3 sing-along songs and 10 melodies.

Janod have a great variety of ride ons and bikes, made from high quality wood. These toys have timeless appeal and charm, making them great for birthday gifts. Their sturdy builds ensure that they can be passed down through the generations. Janod’s Mint Scooter is a retro inspired toy, shaped like a Vespa scooter in a lovely mint green colour. This balance bike features no pedals, so it helps toddlers develop their balance and coordination and enables them to control the bike with their feet. This may also mean it’s easier for them to learn how to ride a bicycle without the need for training wheels. The scooter features an adjustable saddle that adapts to a child’s growth, as well as ergonomic handles and inflatable tyres.

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