The #ABCs of Weaning Essentials

Weaning is one of the key stages in a child’s life, with the introduction of solid foods into their diet helping them grow from babies into toddlers, as well as building up essential skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives. It’s important that growing children are provided with a healthy and balanced diet, which will give them all the nutrients they need as they grow up big and strong. Weaning usually starts when a baby is around 6 months old, with solid foods provided alongside their breast or formula milk. This is why weaning is also known as complementary feeding.

Baby Brands Direct have everything retailers need to provide their customers with an extensive weaning range. Our wholesale products are manufactured by the top baby and nursery brands on the market. So what do parents need to make their first steps into weaning a success? 

Highchairs and Booster Seats 

Weaning is a great opportunity to introduce baby to eating with the family at dinner time. However, to enjoy the experience of eating at the table, babies need to be sitting safely and strapped in to ensure they’re secure. They also need to be seated in an upright position so they can swallow properly. We have a great selection of highchairs and booster seats to suit different needs and budgets. Our range goes from traditional looking wooden highchairs like Safety 1st’s Timba Highchair, which is available in different colours to suit all kitchens, to the adorable Grow With Me Convertible Chair from Infantino, which has 4 different functionalities that grow with baby and is available in cute fox or raccoon designs. For families who are looking to save space or need a convenient travel option, we have some great booster seats that can be attached to chairs – perfect for small family kitchens or eating out at restaurants. Munchkin’s Travel Booster Seat is a brilliant option that provides safe and secure seating, but also transforms into a handy bag when not in use! 


Cutlery is an essential part of the weaning stage. Giving a young child easy to use, ergonomic cutlery enables little ones to get used to the process of feeding themselves, gaining confidence with movements and hand-eye coordination. It’s also important for children to have access to gum-friendly soft cutlery, usually made of rubber or plastic, which is easier on baby’s sensitive gums. Our range of weaning cutlery is perfect for retailers who want to give their customers plenty of choice. Munchkin’s White Hot Safety Spoons helps keep kids safe, with colour changing technology that shows when food is too hot for baby’s mouth. Munchkin’s Gentle Scoop Silicone Training Spoons are another great offering from the brand, which features an easy to use design and built in stand to ensure that the spoon doesn’t come into contact with the table. We also have some great chunky cutlery from Vital Baby, which is available in Pop or Fizz colourways, perfect for small hands. Bibado’s Multi-Stage Weaning Spoon and Dipper is a unique option that allows children to explore flavours with the textured dipper end, then flip the spoon for scooping up their dinner.

Plastic Bowls and Plates

Bowls and plates are also essential, as solid food needs containers! They need to be sturdy and not easily broken, as they are likely to be thrown around. Our range of plastic bowls and plates from leading baby brands are perfect for parents’ everyday needs. All bowls and plates in our range are brightly coloured, bringing fun and vibrancy to dinner time. They also come in packs of multiple products, ensuring that mum and dad get value for money and can feed their little one while their washing up dries. Vital Baby’s Nourish Scoop Feeding Bowls are specially designed to make scooping easier for little ones. These bowls also feature an integrated mashing zone, so parents can create the ideal texture for their little one. Bowls and plates with suction cups are essential for stopping food and bowl ending up on the floor and will be mum and dad’s favourite addition to the kitchen. These clever pieces of kit are available from Munchkin, Nuby and Vital Baby and are designed to stay put while baby eats.

As well as these essential items, leading wholesaler Baby Brands Direct also has a great selection of weaning accessories – such as storage pots, bibs and food processors. Check out our weaning category page for the full range of items from top nursery brands, available to buy wholesale now!