The ABCs of Weaning with Munchkin

Munchkin is a brand that prides itself on innovative design and clever solutions, as well as unique colourful products that make parents’ lives easier. The company aims to be the most loved baby brand in the world. As such, it has designed an extensive range of feeding and weaning products, including toddler cups, bowls, cutlery and storage accessories! 

The Munchkin Miracle 360 cup was the first of its kind on the market, with many other brands replicating the design. The cup features a rim that seals itself when the child isn’t drinking from it, ensuring there is no mess or spillage. The 360 degree design means that kids can drink from anywhere on the cup, helping them to gain confidence with drinking and preparing them to move on to a regular glass. Since its launch the cup has been released in many different colours and designs, including the WildLove range which features cute animals and helps support wildlife organisations. 

Other key items in the toddler cup category are the Munchkin’s Click Lock Cups which feature a secure lid for leak proofing. These Click Lock Cups are available in a range of different types – from those that feature chew proof spouts to those that have weighted straws that ensure that children can drink from any angle. 

Munchkin also developed ‘White Hot’ technology, which can be seen in a number of their cutlery, plates and bowls. These products help parents to see when their baby’s food is too hot, with the coloured strips on the items turning white when the food is above a certain temperature. This innovative solution helps reassure parents that the food they’re giving their little one is safe and won’t result in burns. 

Munchkin cutlery is designed to be ergonomic and easy for little hands to hold, thus helping to reduce stress for kids learning how to self feed. The baby friendly design also helps to boost their fine motor development and build confidence in movement. The innovative Munchkin Gentle Scoop Silicone Training Spoon is a perfect option for toddlers learning to self feed, as the spoon features ultra soft silicone that’s easy on babies’ gums and a first-of-its-kind choke guard that also acts as a spoon rest, keeping it off the table’s surface.

Munchkin’s Splash range of weaning accessories is perfect for self feeding kids, as the bowls and plates feature deep walls specially designed for easy scooping. The Divider plates help keep items separate for fussy babies or parents who want to encourage kids to pay attention to everything on their plate. It also allows kids to explore each food item and get the full flavour when they eat each thing separately. Available in stylish colours, these weaning accessories also feature a non slip base to ensure that there’s no mess. 

The Munchkin Stay Put range takes non slip to the extreme by providing a suction base that is sure to keep all bowls and plates exactly where mum and dad want them. These bowls and plates are available in multipacks featuring different sizes, so parents are covered for every meal. They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

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