The #ABCs of Wooden Toys

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, has a great selection of wooden toys available to buy wholesale with no minimum order value. Wooden children’s toys have stood the test of time, proving to still be popular with consumers and their children even with the advancement of technology and electronic toys. There are many reasons for this, as wooden toys have a bunch of features and benefits that give them an appeal that separates them from plastic and electronic toys – which are, of course, great in their own right.

Wooden toys have nostalgic appeal, with a classic, timeless look that will invoke memories of childhood fun for many parents and grandparents. This immediately creates a desire for the product, with consumers feeling warmly and fondly towards the item. As they’re made from durable materials with no electronic features that will lose functionality over time, wooden toys are useable for life and have no expiration date. No batteries means they always work. This means that these toys can be passed down from generation to generation, without losing any of the things that make the toy fun! 

Wooden toys are also great for sensory stimulation, with the grain of the wood feeling interesting to small fingers or the sound of the blocks clacking together stimulating the ears. Children learn through touch and exploration and as many wooden toys are construction toys with a lot of stackable parts or parts that fit together, they offer a great opportunity for children to learn through using their hands. Children are able to learn cause and effect or puzzle solving through their interaction with toys such as Janod Zigolos Balancing Game which features colourful flamingos that kids can balance or Janod Baby Forest Fox Stacker  which allows kids to place stackable rings in size order – helping improve their reasoning skills and hand-eye coordination. Stackable and construction toys also help to improve both gross and fine motor skills, enabling children to gain confidence with their hand movements and gripping abilities. 

Janod’s wooden toys, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct, are made from FSCĀ®-certified, sustainable wood and water-based paint, making them eco-friendly – something that today’s consumers are concerned about due to climate change. Janod have also released a selection of toys in collaboration with WWF, such as the Janod WWF Koala Stacker And Rocker or the Janod WWF Jungle Chunky Puzzle – which are engaging and fun to play with, but also help introduce children to wild animals that exist all over the world. The Janod Sweet Cocoon range feature beautiful soft colours and a variety of different activities. These small, reasonably priced toys are perfect for toy shops and will look wonderful as a cohesive collection on any store’s shelves. 

As well as small puzzles, blocks and construction toys, Janod also have a selection of larger playsets. Janod’s Lagoon Maxi Cooker is a beautiful wooden kitchen playset that is full of fun features for children to enjoy and interact with. While it does feature some LED lights and sounds, for the most part the product is a traditional style play kitchen that gives children ample opportunity for role play with their friends, siblings or parents – boosting their communication skills. The Janod Green Market Grocery is a lovely little greengrocer playset which features colourful vegetables and fruit as well as a till, scales and little chalkboard, allowing kids to play shop keeper. Playsets such as these are perfect for schools and nurseries and their durable materials ensure that they can be used by a lot of children without getting damaged. 

For a wide variety of lovely wooden toys that children and adults will love, Baby Brands Direct is the one stop shop for toy shop owners and baby boutiques, as well as schools and other childcare facilities. Check out the full range of Janod wooden toys on our website.