The Benefits of Figures and Playsets with Schleich

Kids love playing with figures and playsets. These simple toys can give kids a whole new world to explore from the comfort of their own bedroom. With playsets from Schleich, kids can encounter dinosaurs, run a horse club or fly away to a fantasy world! Not only are figures and playsets massive fun, they can also be beneficial to a child’s development. 

Children learn through their environments, through interactions and through play. Their minds are ready to absorb knowledge and develop new skills, even without them being aware of it! Dolls and playsets are a great way to allow kids to learn about the world around them – gaining communication, empathy and cognitive skills as they go. Simple animal figures from Ancient Greece and earlier civilisations have been found by archaeologists. This shows that humans have found them great for play and learning for thousands of years! 

These toys are perfect for unstructured and unsupervised playtime, which is proven to be beneficial for the development of creative skills and problem solving. Playing with figures and playsets lets children actively engage with speech – especially during pretend play with their peers. This helps to practice their language skills and verbalise their thoughts. Acting out scenes and various situations allows kids to practice life skills, as well as imitate the adults in their lives!

With their highly detailed figures, Schleich have made it their mission to give children an understanding of animals and their natural habitats. Children can gain valuable knowledge about animals and learn about nature through playing with their toys. Their delightful horses, wild animals and dinosaurs feature realistic designs and colours – while their fantasy range gives kids the freedom to unlock their imaginations! The detailed textures also allows kids to explore with their hands – improving sensory skills. 

Founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich, the company is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in Germany. Schleich’s figures and playsets are available in over 50 countries, with their toys brightening playtime across the globe. The brand’s most important markets include Germany, North America, the United Kingdom and France. In 2018, Schleich enjoyed a worldwide gross revenue of nearly 185 million euros – and the brand has gone from strength to strength since! 

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