The Benefits of Musical Baby Toys

Musical toys, such as those from Halilit and Janod, can be wonderful tools for encouraging and supporting development in little ones – as well as being fun and entertaining. Babies love to make noise, as doing so stimulates their senses with different sounds that sound new and exciting to their young ears. Music is an integral part of human life – and introducing baby early to musical toys can help them appreciate and understand the music of the world around them. 

Musical toys promote creativity and exploration. Babies will love exploring the functions of musical toys, such as the different notes on a xylophone or piano, or the way in which a drum sounds different when you hit it in different ways. This exploration helps teach them cause and effect, as they learn to associate the noise with the action. As they grow older, they will be able to create their own melodies, particularly with toys that have musical notes, such as the Halilit Baby Xylophone or Janod Confetti My First Electronic Piano. This may even inspire them to pick up an instrument later on in life! 

Musical toys also help boost cognitive skills, such as the retention and understanding of information – as well as helping them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The movement needed for banging drums or shaking bells such as the Halilit Wave Drum, helps develop gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. As babies learn to understand and follow musical notes, they will also learn to develop patience. It will take time for them to master music, so they will learn the importance of practice and patience. Musical toys are also perfect for giving children an opportunity to express themselves! If they are excited or happy, they can show that with jingling bells and banging drums, while their verbal skills are still in development. These toys can also help release any pent-up energy, helping tire them out so they sleep better at night. 

These toys are great offerings for consumers, as parents love toys that are both fun and beneficial for development. Check out the full range of musical toys at Baby Brands Direct, available to buy wholesale.