Tommee Tippee Distributor

Tommee Tippee Bottles, Teethers, Weaning and More!

We are delighted to be able to increase the range of Tommee Tippee products distributed at Baby Brands Direct to approved retailers. The feeding brand accounts for around 36% of the UK’s feeding market (which includes sales of soothers, bottles and cups) and remains the strongest force within the market segment. Its brand logo is highly recognised and its new packaging focuses on its star – Tommee Tippee, moving away from sub brands to make it easier for parents to transition purchasing confidence cross categories such as bottles to weaning.

Tommee Tippee Teether SupplyNewly launched by the brand are 3 teethers, a food feeder, weaning toddler kit as well as bib. Teethers are great to have in nursery specialist stores and pharmacies not only as an easy add on purchase but as a product that parents specifically seek out. Backed by the branding of Tommee Tippee, reasonable price point, and strong functionality and design, the lines once in store should result in healthy stock movement. The Teether & Cool Fish teether’s shape is easy for little hands to grip, it can also be kept in the fridge to cool down for gum relief, and has a range of textures making it suitable for all stages of teething. The new teethe & soothe easy reach teethers are now in one neutral colour (no pack size required) and are designed for tender gums from first teeth to incisors and allow for teething gel to also be applied to them. The third option, is a brightly coloured take on teether keys, they can be chilled in the fridge, and ideal when baby wants to chew down on the different textures.

Tommee Tippee WholesalerFresh food feeders are a very popular product, driving volume and very handy for that in between stage of weaning to solids, introducing new tastes and textures. Tommee Tippee is a great brand to have behind such a functional product with its quality heritage in feeding. Bandana bibs with teethe edge also appear in the range for the first time and a very affordable price and in this season’s on trend, unisex grey. The Toddler Weaning Kit takes some of the pressure off parents in working out all the things they need for weaning by being pre-packed, and also in doing so making for a practical gift.

Tommee Tippee Moda Soother SupplierThe Moda soothers are one of the most popular Tommee Tippee soother designs and are now available in block colour, girls or boys (no pack size requirement) in a new additional size of 18-36months. Stylish and functional, sporting the baby approved teat that is symmetrical for easier balancing in mouth by baby and supports natural oral development. This same teat is present on all Tommee Tippee soothers (allowing parents to easily switch between styles) and is more like a bottle teat for a more familiar feeling for baby.

Tommee Tippee Supplier2 new gorgeous designs in the Closer to Nature bottles have also been launched, though unisex morning skies is more towards girls with pinks and golds, and midnight skies towards boys in navy and blue, both are embellished with lovely star motifs. There is also a new pack size available in the Tommee Tommee breast pads of a 100 pack, which is more economical and has a lower carbon foot print, styling the new packaging which combines lifestyle images with strong branding and clear identification of product and features it should sell through well.

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