Tommee Tippee New Look Electrical Products

Tommee Tippee Supplier

Launched by Tommee Tippee this month is a refresh of all their electrical products presented in their latest brand packaging. The latter focuses on the Tommee Tippee brand which is of course compatible with all its sub bottle feeding types such as Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti Colic. The star shaped brand logo stands out in white against a central black panel that appears to wrap around the box superimposed on a modern lifestyle image. All the electrical items are styled in a similar way making for a very strong presentation in store.

The multi award winning baby food maker looks modern in white and grey with a clear jug. The item comes with a steam basket and blender jug allowing for a range of different textures and consistencies to meet baby’s growing needs. Its suitable for a range of food items too including fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

Blender Supplier

Another must have for trade is the mini baby food blender, which hits a very affordable, mass market price point and is therefore a volume seller. It also offers great functionality in the preparation of baby meals through it 2 speed blend settings and pulse action. It also takes the same food types as the food maker but is more suited to smaller portions with a capacity of 250ml.

The Tommee Tippee 4 minute microwave steriliser in white and has a great marketing led name of ‘micro-steam’ microwave steriliser. This really emphasises the technology it uses and helps to distinct it over and above competing brands in this entry point category. It features easy lift handles to keep escaping steam clear on opening, doubles as a space-saving sterilise surface which can be useful for example in bottle preparation and following a cycle items are kept sterilise for 24hrs with the lid closed.

Tommee Tippee Steriliser Supplier

Available in both white and black, the new Tommee Tippee Electrical steriliser has a capacity of up to 6 bottles and offers a 5 minute sterilisation. It fits most brands of bottles, soothers, breast pumps and accessories and use 100% natural steam (no chemicals) and effectively kills 99.9% of germs. It also features easy lift handles for safety and keeps items sterile for 24hrs with the lid closed. This item also features great marketing on its packaging highlighting the key attributes that a customer looks for and uses the phrase ‘super-steam’ to differentiate it from its close competitors.

The bottle and food warmer has also been refreshed into a sleek and stylish design in today’s preferred colours of white and grey. It warms milk in 4 minutes via a thorough yet gentle cycle preserving essential nutrients and avoiding overheating. This item is within the top 40 best-selling Tommee Tippee products at Baby Brands Direct under current code CTN-FED12, so a must listing for baby and nursery retailers.

Tommee Tippee Twist and Click

Another exciting development that many of our trade customers have already noticed is the refresh rolling through on the Sangenic nappy disposal systems. The new Twist and Click cassettes are now in stock at Baby Brands Direct and available in the single unit as well 3 pack. The new tub in white is also available both as part of a kit with 6 cassettes and as a solo unit with one cassette. The new tubs are only compatible with the new cassettes but the old tubs are compatible with both the old and the new cassettes.  The huge advantage of the new system is that they use only as much wrap as is needed per use, individually sealing each nappy and it makes a click so that the user knows it is done.

Tommee Tippee 360 Cups supplier

Tommee Tippee have also just launched a new additional range of toddler cups! The first is called No Knock, which is fairly self-explanatory in that they are designed not to be able to be knocked over. They have a special base powered by ‘CleverGrip’ that keeps the cups from knocks and bumps whilst still being an easy lift up for drinking. Available in fun prints on brightly coloured cups in 190ml and 300ml.

They’ve also launched their own 360 cups which allows drinking from anywhere around the rim and is spill free. It features one easy clean valve, boasting no fiddly or small part to fit or clean. The cups available with handles in 200ml and tumbler in 250ml support oral development with its no spout design. They also each come with a handy travel cap to keep the drinking rims clean and dry on the go.

The complete feeding kits that include the super steam steriliser and easi-warm bottle and food warmer will also transition over to the new packaging featuring the latest electrical Tommee Tippee items.

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