Tommee Tippee’s #ABCs of Cups

what-kind-of-bottle-or-cup-is-best-to-useTommee Tippee has created a range of cups that are designed to be in line with the age associated stages of baby’s development and needs. The range is categorised into 3 segments: Weaning 4m+, Training 7m+, Active 12m+.

For the first few months of baby’s life all the fluid they receive is from breast or formula milk but this will change as they get older, particularly as solid foods are introduced.

Retailers can provide a solution to the need to ensure baby stays hydrated through the weaning process and particularly as they start to become more active through crawling, walking and exploring. Supply of the whole Tommee Tippee range including cups is available online at


Stage 1: Pre-Weaning | Age: Approx. 4-6 months

From around 4-6 months when baby starts to wean and other liquids such as water are beginning to be introduced a small cup that is easy to grip is ideal. Therefore cups with handles (which can be removed), along with a soft moveable spout and leak proof measures are worthy features.

TT-FED03In response to the first step in the transition from bottle to cup, Tommee Tippee’s 2017 NEW product launch of the Transition Sippee Trainer Cup offers a cup with a Closer to Nature silicone bottle teat and an offset soft spout for multiple drinking options. The familiar teat helps to encourage baby’s focus on first holding their own sippy cup which once they’ve got to grips with the teat can be replaced with the silicone spout provided.

The Tommee Tippee Weaning Sippee Cup (suitable from 4 months+), is a great starter cup, with just a 150ml capacity, a soft spout for baby’s sensitive gums, easy-grip handles and a 2-piece easy-to-clean, non-spill valve.

Tommee-Tippee-Essentials-First-Cup-7366Tommee Tippee also offer a great value Essentials First Cup which has a 190ml capacity with graduation markings which is perfect for building up sips (rather than sucking). It also has easy to hold handles and a fold down leak proof spout. Similarly the Essentials First Beaker offers the same features but without handles in a 200ml capacity. Both are also endorsed by Health Professionals who recommend free flow cups as the best option for oral development (i.e. baby does not need to apply pressure on the spout to release the liquid).


Stage 2: Weaning & Training | Age: Approx. 6-12 months

Between around 6 and 12 months, as baby starts to sit, play and roll, the need for hydration steadily increases and baby learns how to drink and taste. Cup features including removable handles, soft spout or straw and non-spill valves are handy, as learning to drink can be messy and speed of uptake varies.

Tommee-Tippee-Training-Straw-Cup-7m-6163Tommee Tippee offer their trainer cups both in a Straw Cup and Sippee Cup version. Both have a capacity of 230ml, shaped bottle for easier grasp and are dishwasher safe. The straw as compared to the sippee option is easier for some babies as they do not need to tip the cup as much to suck and the straw is made from super soft silicone so also gentle on sensitive gums. Whilst the sippee offers removable handles and a two piece non spill valve that minimises spills and keeps cleaning easy.

360-drinking-drinking-halfThe Mealtime Trainer also 230ml, is Tommee Tippee’s 360 degree lip activated valve option. This moves little ones on to directly drinking from anywhere on the cup rim (like an adult cup) whilst being spill free as the removable valve remains closed between sips.  The cup comes with easy grip handles which can be removed as dexterity develops.


Stage 3: Active | Age: Approx. 12 months+

Activity now usually starts to increase, whilst breastfeeding may reduce so the need for hydration from a variety of other fluids increases. The main bottle or cup features that support this stage are easy-grip sides, spill-proof spouts or straw tops and also insulated options that keep drinks cool while on the go.

Tommee-Tippee-Sports-Bottle-12m-6164The Tommee Tippee Sports Bottle has a large 300ml capacity and is designed to enhance tipping and sipping skills whilst having a grown up style cup base. It’s chunky yet lightweight to allow little hands to grasp and has a removable two-piece valve for easy cleaning.

The 260ml capacity insulated cups are available from Tommee Tippee in both a straw and sipper option. The Sipper has the same features as the sport bottle with the added benefit of keeping its contents cool, whilst the Straw offers an alternative to the soft spout with a flip down, super soft silicone straw that’s gentle on baby’s sensitive gums whilst being leak proof.

Filter-Bottle-Blue-Internal-6307A truly futurist product the Tommee Tippee Filter Bottle cleans water as each sip is taken and has been independently certified. It reduces the taste and smell of chlorine, removes lead and 99.9% of microbial cysts as well as removing organic contaminants and particulates the latter two of which may be present in tap water. Leaving a healthy amount of fluoride in the fluid, the bottle also boasts an environmentally friendly USP with one filter being equivalent to the use of 400 plastic bottles of water. Baby Brands Direct also stock a replacement filter for this product for continued longevity of the product.


The following video clip by Tommee Tippee explains the key features of the cups within their range, all of which are available for retailers to purchase from award winning wholesaler Baby Brands Direct.

Many retailers will already know that the root of this global brand, founded 60 years ago, was from its first product that was a baby cup.  It was designed by a Doctor with a weighted base which prevented it ‘tippping’ over and was embellished with a picture of a dog that was owned by the plastic company’s producers called ‘Tommee’ – hence the Company’s chosen name Tommee Tippee.

Rest-assured this brand really knows every detail involved in a quality, functional baby cup!

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