Tomy’s Toomies Bath Toys

Bath time is not only an essential part of a child’s routine but it can also be a time for fun and bonding, make it an enjoyable experience. One way to make bath time more entertaining is by introducing bath toys. Colourful and interactive toys can transform an ordinary bath into a playful and imaginative adventure. Such toys can also help enhance sensory development as children explore different textures, shapes, and water movements. They can also promote cognitive skills as children engage in pretend play and storytelling with their bath toys. Additionally, bath toys can make bath time a soothing and relaxing experience for children who may be hesitant or fearful of water.

For a fantastic range of bath toys in store, Tomy’s Toomies range is a great choice. Bright colours, lovely characters including Peppa Pig, and great functionality from floating toys and squirters to role play sets including the iconic ice cream (bubble) maker. These larger sets are ideal for gifting especially in the run up to Christmas. The Baby Brands Direct warehouse has just taken receipt of the Tomy Bath Barista, Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen as well as the Tomy Splash and Rescue Helicopter

Tomy’s Bath Barista is creativity and fun at its best, with a spinner, handle, bubble maker, shaker and more, with all its actions reimagined into a barista’s role. It boosts fine motor skills as children explore cause and effect as well as develop their imaginations and storytelling skills. The Tomy Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen brings similar magic, with its oven and hob combo, alongside kitchen sink with working tap, which can be used together or separated out into 2 different toys. There is so much to do between pouring, spinning and bubble creation, as well as placing pot on the hob or pie dish in the oven. 

Tomy’s Splash and Rescue Helicopter is a classic must have Xmas run up bath toy for retailers. At an affordable SRP, the floating set comes with a dolphin that can be rescued using the bucket, a pilot puppy that squirts and attaches to tubs and tiled walls. The helicopter rotor can be filled with water to see it spray 360 degrees as it whizzes round! There’s so much play value whether through role play in and out of the tub, or interaction with water through its innovative design. 

There are lots of fantastic Tomy bath toys for trade customers at Baby Brands Direct to range from. With no minimum order quantities nor values, indepedent retailers can offer a wide choice of toys with minimal cash outlay. Plus right now, retailers can benefit from an extra 10% off the whole Tomy range (as sponsored by the brand specifically for independents). 

 With the right selection of bath toys, bath time can become a time of joy, learning, and exploration for children of all ages. Log in now and order your store’s stock today.