Toomies Trade Supply Additions at Baby Brands Direct

Toomies Supplier

‘Toomies’ the new softer brand name by international toy brand Tomy, has a few new product arrivals available at Baby Brands Direct to trade this week.

These include the Toomies gearation magnets which won the innovation award at the Koln international baby fair in 2018. It’s great for inspiring little ones in creating patterns by moving around the gears into different positions on a magnetic base and then flipping a switch to put them into spinning action!

Another addition, which could follow a similar successful sales path as the Tomy Foam Cone Factory is the Toomies Turtle Bath Salon, a fun bath toy for 18months+ it allows participants to make fun hair styles with the bath bubbles on the Octopus toy included.

There is also another bath toy, the Toomies Tuneless Penguin, that sings as she dives down in the water and simultaneous blows lot of bubbles. It also floats and gives of lots of different sounds on the water surface. Best of all it doesn’t need batteries, just a shake, which is a huge bonus for parents in terms of ease of use, safety and cost.

The Toomies Pic and Pop is a classic toy and been in the Tomy range for many years. Its refresh last year and debut on TV boosted sales and recognition of the item, making it an iconic product of the brand. Therefore its a great one for retailers to list.

Supply of all the products available at Baby Brands Direct are strictly to trade and are listed at trade price, alongside volume discounts, loyalty credit incentives as well as minimal if any pack size requirements. Log into your account now to review the range, all new product CSV files and image zip files are available within the retailer resource centre.