Promote Tummy Time with the Taf Toys Developmental Pillow!

Many experts recommend that parents allow their baby to engage in tummy time, with many saying that this should be introduced to the daily routine when a newborn baby first gets home. Tummy time is when baby is awake and placed on their belly for a short period of time. As baby grows, they’ll be able to stay on their stomachs for longer, but to start with, around 3 to 5 minutes is enough for each session.

Experts recommend that baby has multiple tummy time sessions a day, reaching an hour in total by the time they’re 3 months old. In time, the child will naturally begin to roll, sit up and crawl during these sessions. Babies should never be left alone during tummy time, as their muscles are still weak and without supervision, could hurt themselves. This means it can also be a chance for parents and their little one to bond, as they can sit with their baby and encourage them with gentle words and affectionate gestures. 

Tummy time is recommended as it is key for boosting gross motor skills in babies. It also helps to strengthen the muscles in baby’s necks and backs, as they’ll be fighting to keep their heads up while they’re lying on their stomach. Another benefit is that it helps prevent flat spots on the back of baby’s head while the skull is still developing and hardening. Parents can encourage their baby to enjoy tummy time with the super soft Taf Toys Developmental Pillow, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct!

This cute pillow features an attractive bunny design with bright colours that are gender neutral, meaning it will be suitable for all babies and appeal to a wide range of parents. The pillow can easily be wiped clean, so parents don’t need to worry about germs or nasty stains. The pillow is suitable from birth so can be used as soon as little one gets home. 

Featuring a unique ergonomic design, the Developmental Pillow ensures that baby’s chest is provided with complete support, whilst allowing free movement of the arms so that baby is comfortable and can explore the pillow and world around them with their hands and fingers.

The extra soft fabric, rattle and teether toys make the experience fun and engaging for baby, making them feel excited about tummy time and encouraging them to make the most of it. By carrying out tummy time activities, parents can help their baby begin their crawling journey, allowing for more freedom and development of their muscles!

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