Vtech Now Available Wholesale at Baby Brands Direct

Baby Brands Direct is delighted to aVtech activity gymdd to its selection of leading toy brands the supply of Vtech toys for its independent retail base to purchase from at trade price.

The brand is well known for its high quality toys that have electronic components to deliver interactivity, add value features and learning content for little ones. The range of Vtech baby toys starts with the Little Friendlies collection – items from birth including a stunning activity gym with light up tree feature, cot mobiles, starlight projector with over 60 melodies, 4 lights, story reading and nature sounds mode, plus a hippo teether with songs and phrases.

The Vtech ‘Baby’ segment comprises the most products available at Baby Brands Direct. These are designed to stimulate senses and imagination whilst introducing age appropriate concepts such as a-b-c’s and 1-2-3s, shapes, objects and colours through which they encourage little ones to play, learn and discover.  Items include popular discover keys, which unlike other brands available include 15 melodies and 3 sing along songs! There’s also the snooze to soothe elephant in both a neutral grey and girly pink, again offering a multitude of songs, melodies and nature sounds whilst also offering a soothing light pattern from it huggable plush format. There is a choice of projectors too with cry activation, volume control, timers, light shows and music at competitive prices, both the lambs cot mobile and owl nightlight have remote controls too adding to the convenience and USPs of the items.

VTech baby walker distributorThere are also great Vtech wholesale toys available within its Baby category. This includes take alongs, such as the Little Singing Puppy and introduces numbers and objects and boasts lights and music. Early communication skills and copy behaviour is encouraged through toys such as the peek and play phone and for 12months + the Tiny Touch Phone. The activity table, available in 2 colours also includes a phone, daily routine prompts, and removable legs for easy storage and sit down play. Dexterity and early motor skills are encouraged through mesmerising toys such as the new 2018 release ‘seaside spinning top’, ‘pull and pop aeroplane’, and ‘turn and learn cube’. As baby grows, standing and walking are helped along with the colourful VTech baby walker, suitable from 6months and available in 2 colours, it houses a host of baby development opportunities from teaching words to musical notes and manipulative skills such as sliders and rollers.

Chase Me Casey, another of many VTech toys in the UK that are TV advertised. This is a fabulous toy that encourages little ones to be on the move, with the Monkey having 2 modes – one catch me where he ‘skates’ across the floor, and the other a dance mode.

For up to 36months, there are suitable introductory hand held tablets, and even a microphone for sing along in an amplified voice effect! Within the same age range there is a sports centre with flip book and sounds, a torch with turning ring for 6 different colours and jolly music and early learning content.

Early ride ons include the alphabet train and first bike (2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike), the former offering sit down play, walker, pull along, and ride on mode as well as letter blocks and magic tunnel to load the blocks into the wagon! The latter can be transformed from a 3 wheeled trike to a 2 wheeled motorbike! Encouraging gross motor skills and balance are obviously benefits but it also offers sing along songs, melodies, light up buttons and teaches driving concepts such as colours and objects.

Vtech also offer a range of electronic bath toys, adding a novelty within this toy sector, often purchased by gift givers. The toys play music, have lights and the 2018 Pirate ship even has pirate phrases and can be played with outside of the bath too and pushed around, adding extra value.Vtech musical book

The range of electronic books by Vtech are part of the enhancement of traditional book learning by incorporating electronic components that read, sing and help engage the reader in the story. The books are beautifully illustrated, and the musical rhymes plays favourites Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Miss Muffet, The Mulberry Bush and Old MacDonald.

The Toddler range of products from 2yrs include the talk and learn phone, with added features as compared to the baby phone, having a real phone book for up to 5 numbers and learning games and apps! There’s also the playtime bus that features over 100 curriculum questions to bus facts and sounds effects as well as lively songs – a real must have wholesale toy! When it comes to role play and further learning retailers can considering offering the ‘My 1st Toolbox’ that comes complete with accessories such as a two way drill, role play hammer, spanner, nails and screws as well as the Vtech added uniqueness of light up features and audio including tool names and facts, as well as songs.vtech learning table wholesaler

The touch and learn activity desk, is a perfect home study desk top, providing longevity use with its 4 in 1 facility of writing pad, activity desk, blackboard and art station.  It also has a LED display for fun animation, lights, music, role play phrases, toy phone and interactive touch pages with subjects from body parts to seasons.

The Vtech Pre-School range of toys at Baby Brands Direct includes the light and flight discovery globe – a fantastic toy that kids will love to play with not least because of the joy stick that sends the plane around the globe, but the colour changing lights will also captivate their interest as they learn about countries, continents, animals, people of the world, languages, fun fact and more! There is also the My Laptop (3yrs+) in two colours, that have over 30 learning activities and 5 modes of play that explore phonics, words, shapes, counting, animals, logic and music – the latter including rock to reggae.

Vtech Toys supplierThe Kidi creative group of toys are from 4yrs plus and include toys such as the selfie cam, action cam, smart watch and super star toys such as microphones and music players. The electronic toys are so close to adult gadgets and a great way for kids to feel grown up and enjoy facilities such as taking photos, editing them, recording their activity levels and karaoke.

The InnoTab and KidiCom products are the highest age range of toys available wholesale in the VTech range at Baby Brands Direct and include a 7” touch sensitive tablet in 2 colours, bursting with features, apps and games and a grown up style phone pre-loaded with dozens of VTech games, features including recording message to send and share with family and android based kid-safe web browser.

On now distributing Vtech toys, Baby Brands Direct Operations Director comments, ‘we are delighted with the appointment, with the brand offering great value in the product to both retailer and consumer, backed with strong marketing and T.V. advertising over a span of age groups.’  

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