We’ve Moved to HTTPS

We are delighted to share the news that the whole Baby Brands Direct website is now on HTTPS, a move from HTTP. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.


Why have we moved to HTTPS?
Google identifies several reasons to switch to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) in their website migration guide and explain that data sent using HTTPS is secured via code on a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sometimes called Transport Layer Security (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection:

1.Encryption. Encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure from eavesdroppers. That means that while the user is browsing a website, nobody can “listen” to their conversations, track their activities across multiple pages or steal their information.
2.Data integrity. Data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected.
3.Authentication. Proves that your users communicate with the intended website. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and builds user trust.


With the website offering over 5,000 pages it has been a nail biting transfer which has been successfully completed this morning.

With it, customers can now benefit from an improved checkout process including online card storage facilities for future quicker checkouts.