#ABCs of Tommee Tippee’s Bottles

50 years ago there wasn’t the internet to turn to. When questions needed an answer on how to raise a child, parents just figured it out. There was parent and child. There was instinct. And there was Tommee Tippee. For 50 years they’ve made products that are smart and simple, innovative and intuitive. For 50 years they’ve helped parents parent the way they were made to.

The brand is the UK’s number one baby feeding brand and is best known for their award winning breast-like bottle feeding range.  The range has been developed with breastfeeding experts and Mums to mimic the breast’s natural flex, stretch and movement, making feeding time easier for both Mum and Baby.

The Tommee Tippee bottle range comprises of 4 bottle types – Ultra, Advanced Comfort, Closer to Nature and Express and Go.

Ultra Range

Why do 85% of Mums say this is the best bottle they have ever used? Ultra provides the ultimate – latch, seal and flow.

  1. Latch – Extra wide teat neck creates a more breast like shape for perfect latch and its super soft silicone moves in multiple directions replicating a natural feed, making dual feeding between breast and bottle easier.
  2. Seal – Teat head is contoured to match baby’s open mouth, creating a perfect seal that  reduces air intake and milk dribbles.
  3. Flow – Teat has a uniquely, offset angle allowing for a steady and easier feed with no need to change the angle of the bottle toward the end of a feed.

This is a premium range of bottles with exclusive distribution to the independent sector.

Closer to Nature Advanced Comfort

Formerly known as the anti-colic bottles, it is specifically designed for the ultimate reduction in air bubbles ingested both through the milk and when sucking at the teat.

  1. Unique Patented Venting System – that sucks air through the tub to the base of the bottle, completely bypassing entry of air into the milk.
  2. Super wide teat – allowing for an optimal, more natural latch on with reduced risk of air intake.
  3. Patented ripples – inside teat allow it to flex and stretch in the same way as the breast.
  4. Ergonomic bottle shape – for comfortable hold and closeness.

The specific venting system means that the Advanced Comfort teats should only be used with these bottles.

Closer to Nature

The classic award winning Tommee Tippee bottle featuring a patented valve on the teat, that 90% of Mums agree ‘no other bottle is closer to breast feeding’!

  1. Super wide teat – allowing for an optimal, more natural latch on with reduced risk of air intake.
  2. Soft silicone teat – closer to skin and gently elongates and flexes to replicating a natural feed.
  3. Patented easi-vent valve on teat – giving superior venting of a steady air flow, reducing risk of teat collapse and creating bubbles in the bottle.
  4. Ergonomic bottle shape – greater comfort and closeness with baby

Express & Go

The most modern and efficient NEW feeding system brought to market in 2016 by Tommee Tippee. The system of express, store, warm and feed with a single pouch is so simple and the concept almost obvious that it’s surprising it hasn’t been available previously. Mum simply expresses directly into a pouch that can be labelled, stored or warmed when ready to use and put directly into a compatible bottle from the range for feeds.

The single pouch takes milk directly from breast to baby, with no pouring or transferring so no risk of spillage or waste of precious breast milk.

  1. Designed for optimal fit of the Express and Go Pouches with a Click
  2. Comes with Patented Easivent teat – (as above: super wide, soft silicone, superior venting)
  3. No risks associated with transfer of stored milk

The unbeatable range of Tommee Tippee bottles provide consumers with quality, lifestyle and concern specific ranges. Independent retailers can stock the award winning ranges from nominated U.K. Tommee Tippee distributor Baby Brands Direct.

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