Tiny Love: Designed With Baby’s Development in Mind

Baby Brands Direct, a leading baby products wholesaler, speaks with Dorel’s Keith Belch about Tiny Love’s great and innovative products.

Tiny Love is a brand that is devoted to creating fun and innovative nursery products that help support baby’s development from day one, as well as offering effective solutions to parents’ needs. Their range is vibrant and colourful, featuring cute and engaging characters for baby to play with, as well as a variety of different activities to stimulate baby’s senses and mental growth.

The brand is part of Dorel Juvenile’s portfolio of wonderful brands, alongside Safety First and Baby Art. Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler that works closely with Tiny Love to provide nursery retailers with the latest and best products.

Here, we talk to Dorel’s Southern Territory Sales Manager, Keith Belch, about the Tiny Love brand, the inspiration behind the products and the exciting lines that will be launched in the upcoming year.

Can you tell us about the origins of the brand – how, when, where and why it was started?

Founded in 1991, Tiny Love has always thrived on innovation, creativity and the development of ground-breaking new products that support a baby’s development from birth, and offer smart solutions to parents’ genuine needs. Today, Tiny Love helps babies and parents enjoy quality moments together and individually.

Tiny Love’s products range from activity mats, bouncers and rockers to mobiles, soothers, baby carriers and ‘on the go’ toys.

The brand’s imaginative products help maximize babies’ potential and encourage parents to enjoy hours of joyful playtime with their babies.

In what ways do Tiny Love products support and encourage the development of growing infants?

Tiny Love’s comprehensive range covers the entire spectrum of a baby’s developmental milestones, including: sensory stimulation; cognitive and motor skills; growth of emotional development; and more.

Tiny Love always ensures that its products promote at least one of the key 7 elements:

  • •           Fine Motor Skills
  • •           Gross Motor Skills
  • •           The Senses
  • •           Cognition
  • •           Language & Communication
  • •           Imagination & Creativity
  • •           EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Can you tell us more about the 7 elements system?

Part of what helps make Tiny Love unique is its famed 7 Elements System™.  Created by Tiny Love’s child development experts, 7 Elements System™ is a benchmark for various baby development milestones and a tool for helping parents grow with their baby. It helps parents to choose toys and activities that support baby’s development by stimulating them during their first year of discovery. Toys contribute to and encourage the balanced development of baby’s cognitive, motor, sensory and emotional growth. All Tiny Love toys are conceived, developed and manufactured with the 7 Elements System guidelines in mind.

Why would you recommend retailers stock Tiny Love toys, mobiles and gyms? Why should retailers recommend your products to consumers?

Our products are of the highest quality with lots of stimulating features, which other products don’t currently offer. Also while some brands have concentrated in one particular area of toys, we have tried to develop an assortment of items to complement each other in a variety of categories.

With more and more consumers looking for toys, mobile and gyms which can help their baby develop and grow through play then retailers should see Tiny Love as the perfect choice for their customers.

What are the current top best-selling products from each category?

Are there any particular hero lines that are most recognisable, well-loved, reviewed or marketed to consumers?

The Tiny Love Hero products are: Rocker Napper and Gymini Bouncer.

Baby Brands Direct recently spotted Wimbledon’s Winner Djokovic’s son in a Tiny Love Gymini Developlace. What are the key selling points of this item?

  • •           Newborn to toddler gym designed to fit baby’s age and developmental stage
  • •           4 modes of use: activity gym (0m+), tummy-time (2m+), crawl & discover (7m+) and activity wall (10m+)
  • •           11 activities to support baby’s development through different stages
  • •           Stimulates baby’s gross motor skills, imagination, creativity and senses
  • •           Mirror encourages tummy time and independent head lifting

 Have you spotted any other celebrities using your products?

Whilst we’re delighted that Novak Djokovic’s son has been kept amused by a Gymini Developlace, our products are aimed at all parents regardless of their status.

We do know that daredevil TV presenter Helen Skelton’s little one is a big fan too!

What new products are being released this year by Tiny Love?

The 2016 Tiny Love collection will feature the following new lines:

  • •           Tiny Love Gymini City Safari
  • •           Tiny Love Gymini Under The Sea
  • •           Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper – Grey/Turquoise
  • •           Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer – Under the Sea
  • •           Tiny Love Friends Lullaby Mobile
  • •           Tiny Love Jitter Snail
  • •           Tiny Love Teether Raccoon
  • •           Tiny Love Belly Koala
  • •           Tiny Love Belly Puppy

 How many countries is the brand currently distributed in?

Currently Tiny Love is distributed in 52 countries worldwide.

About Keith!

If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation, getting from A to B would be far easier and less stressful.

What was your favourite subject at school?

PE, I was a county level sprinter and also played football for Kent.

Favourite hot drink?

Starbucks Latte Coffee.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

An engineer, I gave up on this when I realised it wasn’t all about building Lego.

Do you have any kids?

1 Boy (4) & 1 Girl (1) –  both very active and, therefore, keep me well occupied. It’s nice to come to work for a rest!!

Head to the Tiny Love brand page to see all the wonderful products available from Baby Brands Direct, the leading baby products wholesaler. Also, check out our promotions page to see which Tiny Love products are on special offer!

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