Interview With Fiona From Dr. Brown’s

The Brand

What makes Dr Brown’s a valued supplier?

Dr Brown’s is committed to work with customers & healthcare professionals to gain a better outcome for babies. The Dr Brown’s team work hard to ensure that everyone has the same level of knowledge and resources to support their end user.

What is your favourite product from the Dr Brown’s product range and why?

I personally love the Dr Brown’s deluxe newborn gift set as it provides parents with all the equipment needed to start bottle feeding their baby and it proves a great cost saving if buying the products individually.

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What ‘special something’ does Dr Brown have that sets it apart from its major industry competitors?

Dr brown’s natural flow® baby bottles feature a unique patented internal vent system which eliminates the vacuum & air bubbles in the feed so helping reduce colic & burping – I just love hearing from happy customers, telling us how Dr Brown’s bottles have helped their little one!

Do you know how many awards the company and its products have won globally?

Wow that’s hard to quantify. Dr brown’s is represented in over 63 countries world wide and the brand is continuingly being recognised & rewarded.  The Dr Brown’s manual breastpump won “gold” in the UK 2014 prima baby & pregnancy awards and I know Dr Brown’s in the USA has won “American best baby award” for the 11th year in the row, which I think you will agree says something about the brand!

Can you tell us your company turnover, % growth or market share?

Over the past 11 years Dr Brown’s sales have gone from strength to strength and we now calculate us to be the third largest baby bottle brand here in the UK, which the Dr Brown’s team are very proud of.

How many Facebook fans/Twitter followers do Dr Brown have?

We have a very loyal following on facebook and twitter and encourage our followers to share their stories.

Do your products have any medical authority endorsement or research behind them?

As marketing manager I am very proud of the medical research behind Dr Brown’s natural flow® baby bottles which we reference at the medical exhibitions we attend each year, as well as the independent research on colic (The Colic Report) which enables Dr Brown’s to confidently state that “9 out of 10 healthcare professionals recommend Dr Brown’s for the relief of wind related colic”.   

Have any Dr Brown products been spotted in use by celebs? 

I think it’s an industry hazard looking out for your own brand being used by celebs and customers. 

We’ve had many, but the ones that spring to mind are, Jessica Simpson and Simon Cowell.

Also Coleen Rooney was photographed walking through Rio airport carrying her son Klay and a Dr Brown’s bottle during the world cup last summer!

Our Dr Brown’s retail administrator, Jessica was delighted to spot Billie Faiers from her favourite TV show “t.o.w.i.e” using one of the new Dr Brown’s pink bottles with her daughter a few months ago.

 The Industry

What is exciting you the most about the industry right now in 2015?

The sheer size and growth of the sector is quite breath-taking. There are so many innovative and new products coming on board all the time. It’s fascinating that many originate from clever, simple ideas and solutions to a genuine parenting need. I always find it exciting to see new collections showcased for the first time in cologne.  This year will be really eventful I’m sure with the birth of another royal baby which will again impact positively on the industry. 

How long have you been working in the industry?

I have been working in the infant feeding sector for over 15 years – but of course I’m still only 21!! 

How have the developments in the ecommerce industry impacted the baby retail sector in your opinion?

Interestingly we are seeing a significant increase in on-line sales amongst our customer base and the web has opened up new ways of communicating with our customers.  We have just completed an animation showing how the Dr Brown’s vent system works, which is not as easy to do in print.

What is it that keeps you driven and sparks your interest in the nursery industry?

I enjoy working in an industry that is involved with the joyful, positive aspect of child care & development – there’s nothing nicer than learning of happy stores from customers

What is it that Dr Brown will contribute to the industry in 2015?

There are some exciting and significant changes to the dr brown’s range later this year, which is all i can say at present, so watch this space…………..!

You (yes you, Fiona!)

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Pepsi Max definitely

What would you do if you won the lottery (Think the big bucks)?

Probably quite sedate to some people, but I would definitely spend more time in rural France –  gardening and cooking, not to mention enjoying the odd glass of vino or “deux”!

What is the strangest thing you believed in as a child?

I thought that if you accidently swallowed a seed when eating an apple, an apple tree would grow in your tummy!  I must have a whole forest growing by now!

If you got to have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Sounds corny but I’d love to stop all the heartache in the world

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? (We don’t judge!)

Being a northern girl I have to say Coronation Street – but please don’t tell anyone!

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