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Earth Friendly Baby is a brand dedicated to providing high quality, natural and organic bathtime toiletries for babies. The brand was born over twenty years ago in Vermont, USA, created by a father who wanted ethical and organic products for his children’s sensitive skin. Unable to find anything suitable, he made his own products from pure, natural materials and created his brand. Earth Friendly Baby have been selling their shampoos, bubble bath and skincare products all over the world ever since.

Earth Friendly Baby is now part of the Lansinoh family. Lansinoh are well known for their products for breastfeeding mums. Earth Friendly Baby received certification from Ecocert Greenlife in 2014, showing that their gentle and kind natural products are created to a very high standard.

Here, we have an interview with Senior Brand Manager, Tom McCausland, in which he tells us more about Earth Friendly Baby and the story behind their brand.

About Earth Friendly Baby

What was the basis/mission behind the brand being established and what is it best known for?

Above everything else, we are about products that work… that are naturally gentle… & kind to the environment.

Are any of the 3 organic ingredients offered better suited to any particular consumer needs (symptoms)?

Lavender is great for bedtime and Chamomile is great for sensitive skin and Mandarin is a great one for all the family, especially great for trips to the swimming baths.

What questions might a retailer subtly ask to identify which product is better suited to a consumer?

We believe in certified natural baby products that work at accessible prices so would suggest all of our products would be suited to our consumers.

Bathtime can be a daunting experience for new parents and babies alike! Would you say that the Earth Friendly product range can assist to make it more enjoyable and why?

Establishing a bedtime routine is essential for a restful night’s sleep. Bathtime helps establish this routine and also provides a wonderful bonding experience for Baby and all of the family.

What ingredients are in the moisturising shea butter massage oil and what attributes do they have? Can adults also use it?

Our Moisturising Shea Massage Oil is made of a carefully crafted blend of oils including sunflower, sweet almond, shea, apricot, jojoba and sesame. All combine to form a luxurious massage oil that glides over baby’s skin and is of course suitable for adults.

Why is massaging baby commended? Why should retailers promote the Earth Friendly Baby massage oil as a preferred choice of oil?

Baby massage is a great way to have one on one skin to skin bonding time with your little one. Massage is a great way to help keep your baby’s skin moist and subtle, but the long massage strokes are calming and help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. The Earth Friendly Baby Oil is a 100% natural rich and exotic oil that blends seamlessly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

What is the main customer profile of the range and in particular of the 2 in 1 shampoo/body wash?

Our typical consumer profile are contentious Mums who worry about putting synthetic ingredients on their little ones skin and also what to do what they can for the environment. They may have had a skin complaint themselves, their baby may already have sensitive skin or may have reacted badly to a synthetic alternative.

Have the products or company won any awards?

We are proud to say that we won Gold for best baby skincare range at the 2014 Mother&Baby Magazine awards.

Are the products impulsive purchases or sought after by parents or gift items?

When it comes to shopping for baby toiletries, choice is Key. Mums have a broad repertoire of brands that they consider for purchase and enjoy shopping between them.

What type of retailer is best suited to stocking the Earth Friendly Range?

Earth Friendly Baby is widely available nationally so is suited from a pharmacist, health food store to a multiple grocer.

Where would you suggest is the optimal place for retailers to position the range in store?

It is important to range natural and organic toiletries together, mainstream toiletries together and budget discount ranges together. The premium priced should be on the top shelf, mainstream in the middle and discount near the bottom.

Has the Company experienced growth in the last few years and what does it anticipate for the future?

Earth Friendly Baby continues to go from strength from strength and is in year on year growth. We will strive to continue to innovate and improve on our products as we have done in recent years like for example, reformulating to the Ecocert Greenlife organic standard.

About You

Here, we find out a little bit more about Tom!

Your recommended must have App?

Shazam – great for discovering new music that you don’t quite catch the name to.

Who would you love to have a drink with and why?

Brian Cox – You would always learn something new!

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

To pause time – Because there is never enough time in the day to do everything you want.

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