Wholesaler Spotlight on Lamaze: What Makes These Toys So Beneficial?

51jeISfLZ3LWhen you look at a Lamaze toy, you see a cute, quirky and vibrantly coloured character, often featuring a loop to attach it to a gym or a stroller. These toys are soft and plushy, perfect for little hands to squeeze and cuddle. Everything about them is unique and eye-catching – from the bright, patterned fabrics to the polygonal, wiggly shaped eyes. So far, so cute – right? However, there is much more to these little characters than meets the eye!

Lamaze toys are developed around the principle philosophies of Lamaze International. Lamaze International was established in 1960, with the goal to promote safe and healthy parenting and to provide support to parents through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. The not-for-profit company is composed of parents, childbirth educators and healthcare practitioners, dedicated to giving babies the best start in life. The Lamaze toys were also designed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, Drs Jerome and Dorothy Singer, who have helped the corporation create educational, fun nursery toys. These toys are designed to satisfy increasing energy levels, challenge maturing skills and captivate the imagination. Each toy is designed around the principles of the Lamaze Infant Development System. This colour coded grading system aims to guide parents through key stages of their child’s development and helps them find a toy that is right for the stage their little one is at.

This Development System focuses on three key aspects in order to provide babies with a stimulating, educational playtime experience:

  • ‘Awakening the senses’0-24 months – This stage will introduce vibrant contrasting fabrics and crinkly, rattley sounds. There will be different SonnyGlowingLifestyletextures to touch and feel, so these toys are great for sensory development at the stage where baby can’t see very far, but can hear well and is sensitive to touch.
  • ‘Exploring and experimenting’ 6-24 months – This stage will encourage baby to pull, squeeze and crumple their toys, further enhancing the senses. The toys will often have tags or textured plastic elements dangling from them for little one to explore. This stage will often teach them about cause and effect, giving them the chance to learn how their actions influence and affect the toy.
  • ‘Moving and doing’9-24 months – This stage has been developed for babies who are mobile. These toys help develop their motor skills and encourage independent play. These toys will be more complex – with musical components and interactive components, to accommodate baby’s energy and maturity levels.

In 2007, Lamaze established their Multi-Check Safety System. Each toy undergoes tests and checks to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards and are safe for little one to play with. This also helps give parents peace of mind. Lamaze are dedicated to creating safe toys that allow babies of all ages to grow, learn and discover through their play.

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