#WhyStockIt? Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

If there’s one thing that is unavoidable for parents, it’s nappies. Newborn babies go through around 8 nappies a day on average, worked out according to a usual feeding schedule of every 2-3 hours in their first few weeks. That’s around 240 nappies a month! As such, parents have a lot of smelly, unpleasant waste to deal with and this can lead to lingering odours and multiple trips to the outside bin. 

Leading baby care brand, Angelcare, have an innovative solution to this particular parenting woe. The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System is a storage system for used nappies which uses multi-layer film with Odour-Seal Technology to wrap used nappies and trap bad odours. Each refill cassette lasts about a month and it uses much less plastic than wrapping up nappies in bags individually – making it a more environmentally friendly nappy disposal solution.

With the unique Push and Lock system, it’s very easy to dispose of a nappy, even just using one hand. Parents can just push it through the clamp system and it’ll disappear automatically into the multi-layer wrapping. The cutting mechanism is inside the nappy bin, meaning it’s safe to use as hands won’t come into contact with any sharp edges. All nappies in the nappy bin are safely contained, meaning that parents won’t have to touch them again and no germs can escape – increasing the home’s level of hygiene. 

The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System can hold up to 28 nappies before needing to be emptied. Once full, parents can easily take out the multi-layered bag and dispose of it like they would a regular bin – no mess or fuss! The system can also be used as a regular bin when the child is no longer in nappies, making it a long lasting product that’s suitable for use for years to come. With refills available at Baby Brands Direct, retailers are able to provide both the system and multipacks of the cassettes to their customers. There is also the option to buy the Nappy Disposal System with extra cassettes

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features:

  • Holds up to 28 nappies
  • Wraps nappies securely so germs and odours can’t escape
  • Multi-layer film with antibacterial technology
  • Push and Lock system ensures that parents only have to touch the nappy once
  • Less waste than using nappy bags 
  • Can be used as a bin when baby grows

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