#WhyStockIt? Fat Brain Toys Stylish Sensory Toys

Young children are constantly learning about and exploring the world around them. As they touch, see and hear objects in their environment, they learn through their senses. The development and fine tuning of these senses is also very important for their overall development and growth. Allowing children to engage in sensory play is, therefore, beneficial and highly encouraged. Sensory play offers many benefits for a child’s development. It can help to improve fine and gross motor skills, as well as improving coordination and encouraging them to engage in activities such as writing, drawing and walking.

Sensory play can also help children to develop social and language skills, helping to improve communication and cooperation, as well as critical reasoning. Sensory play can also be soothing and comforting for children, with many finding certain sounds and textures relaxing, so engaging with low energy, sensory play at the end of the day can help wind children down after a hectic day. Sensory play also helps children’s brains make links between what they see, feel, and hear. It stimulates the neurons in the brain to make connections and helps with development and learning. 

Leading UK based wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is proud to offer a vast selection of sensory toys to our retailer customers – including the quirky and unique options available from Fat Brain Toys. This award-winning brand was established in 2010, by a husband and wife team in New York, who used their backgrounds in design and engineering to create innovative and stylish products. Fat Brain Toys offer a range of toys that are designed to provide different types of sensory stimulation, such as tactile, visual and auditory. All their toys are brightly coloured, giving young children an exciting visual experience. They are also moulded into interesting shapes and textures, which children will love to touch and feel. 

Fat Brain Toys have a great selection of toys on offer, including the Fat Brain Dimpl Digits – a great sensory tool for learning how to count, as well as teaching languages! This toy features squishy, silicone bubbles that children will love to push and feel. On one side, the bubbles are embossed with numbers 1 to 10, each accompanied by its matching word in English. On the other side, they are written in Spanish. The toy also features raised dots for children to feel and count. The Fat Brain Pipsquigz Loops Teal is a fun rattle like toy, with lots of lumps and bumps to provide children with fun textures to touch and feel. Children can also use the loops as a teething toy, so they can explore these textures with their mouths! It also features a suction cup to attach it to surfaces such as highchair trays or tables. The Fat Brain Tobbles Neo combines sensory play with stacking action, making it a great option for engagement and learning. Each block is shaped like half an egg and weighted differently to make them easy to stack by size. The grippy texture is nice to touch and feel, as well as being easy for little hands to hold! 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Brightly coloured toys for visual stimulation
  • A range of textures and materials to make them fun to touch and explore
  • Toys for counting and language learning
  • Stackable toys help improve problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Help to improve fine and gross motor skills 
  • Carefully designed and manufactured to encourage and support sensory development
  • Engaging range of toys that support a variety of different play styles 

Baby Brands Direct is the first UK supplier of Fat Brain Toys to the independent retail market. Check out our website to view all products in the range at competitive wholesale prices.