#WhyStockIt? Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Travel Potty

Potty training is one of the key stages of a child’s early development. It’s a process every parent has to go through in order to move their children along from using nappies. The process of potty training teaches children how to control their bodily functions – presenting challenges for toddlers that have been used to going whenever they want. It can be a time that causes many tantrums and tears – so any products that work to make potty training easier for parents and their little ones are highly sought after. One thing that helps toilet training go smoothly is consistency, but it can be hard to uphold this when the family is out and about, or visiting family and friends. Well, great news: Fisher-Price have a fantastic solution. The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Travel Potty is the perfect choice for making potty training on the go easy and straightforward.

The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Travel Potty features two modes that make it convenient for multiple situations. The product features a standalone potty mode, in which the legs fold out easily and lock into place. Parents then can simply insert a disposable bag, which are included, and the potty is ready to use at the park or on the beach. It can also be used at granny’s house, or is convenient for use when on holiday abroad thanks to its compact folded size. The second mode features a removable folding potty ring that can be placed on the regular toilet seat, which is perfect for helping toddlers adjust to using the grownup toilet. It also features a removable splash guard to keep the seat and surroundings clean. 

The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Travel Potty also comes with a machine-washable carrying bag, which makes it easy to take it along anywhere you and your toddler go. This travel potty is designed to be used by a child at the onset of toilet training and who are able to sit on and get off of the seat unassisted. It’s a great product that allows parents to continue the progress of training their child even when out and about. This means that parents and their little ones don’t need to put their lives on hold for potty training and ensures they have the freedom to enjoy trips out with the family. The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Travel Potty is also available with 20% off the wholesale price until 31st October 2023.

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Grows with toddler as a training toilet 
  • Converts into a potty ring for use on grown-up toilets
  • Discreet and foldable seat ring for quick and easy use on the go
  • Includes a removable splash guard to protect the surroundings
  • Standalone potty legs fold compactly to fit in the carrying bag for easy take-along
  • Includes 3 disposable plastic bags and fits standard 15 litre plastic bags
  • Comes with machine-washable carrying bag to easily take potty on the go

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