#WhyStockIt? Fisher-Price Little People Range

The Fisher-Price Little People range is one of the most beloved lines in the dolls and playsets category. Instantly recognisable and with lots of charm, these cute little sets have been a staple in homes around the world for many decades. These little figurines were originally introduced in the 1960s as the Play Family People and were made of wood and lithographed cardboard. In 1985, Fisher-Price officially trademarked the name Little People and the humble little figurines have gone through several body style variations since their first inception, before settling on the distinctive shape we know and love today.

Various playsets and vehicles have also been introduced to the range over the years to encourage creative and imaginative play – and to diversify the range, continuously adding value. Each playset features slots with the unique Little People body shape, meaning that any Little People figure can be used with each set. This allows children to mix and match their playsets and figures easily. Baby Brands Direct offers a great selection of Little People figures and playsets at competitive wholesale prices, allowing retailers to build a great range of products for their customers.

Playing with dolls and playsets can be very beneficial for young children and their development. Playing with dolls provides children with an opportunity to practice and enhance their social skills, helping them develop their communication and cooperation skills through role play. Acting out different scenarios can help build emotional intelligence and language skills – as well as building critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Playing with dolls can allow children to explore and understand emotions, helping them to learn empathy and compassion, as well as nurturing skills. Through creative and imaginative play with dolls and playsets, children are able to process the world around them. They can act out scenarios that are familiar to them, such as school or nursery settings or visits to the shops – or create completely fantastical scenarios that are inspired by TV or film. 

Fisher-Price Little People are perfect for play at home or at preschool. These little figures are easy for tiny hands to hold and feature distinctive but simple shapes that are easy for young children to recognise and understand. Each figure features a friendly smiling face and great detail, with outfits that represent key and recognisable members of society such as police, firefighters and farmers. The  Fisher-Price Little People Everyday Adventures Airport is perfect for imaginative play, as children can send their little tourists anywhere in the world, helping them develop geography knowledge!

Animal figurines and playsets like the Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm are also available for fun farmyard themed play, allowing children to take care of recognisable farm animals such as cows, pigs and chickens. The Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends selection is a great companion to the farm playset, allowing children to expand their farm to include more animals! 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Perfect size for small hands to grasp and move
  • Playing with figures helps to strengthen fine motor skills
  • Figures are styled in a variety of fashions, hair styles, and skin tones
  • Variety of themed playsets to encourage imaginative and creative storytelling and play
  • Great for emotional development, language skills and problem solving skills
  • Can be used for independent or group play
  • Suitable for preschool children aged 1 and up

Baby Brands Direct is pleased to offer a great selection of Fisher-Price products to wholesale customers, including the fun and engaging Little People range. Register today to take advantage of great prices, loyalty discounts and exclusive perks.