#WhyStockIt?: Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier

Baby carriers are essential pieces of nursery equipment for many parents. As well as being a handy way to take baby out and about, meaning that mum and dad don’t have to take cumbersome pushchairs out for a trip to the park or the supermarket, baby carriers also help parents continue to bond with their little one as they are kept close to them throughout the day. Mum and dad can keep their hands free and with supportive designs, baby carriers often mean there is very little effort involved in carrying baby around.

Being carried high up on their parent’s body is a great way for baby to feel secure and safe. They’re close, which means they can smell their parent and have the opportunity for touching them and their clothes, reassuring them that they are not alone. They are also given prime position for observing the world around them, which helps them subtly pick up movements, language and social cues from the adults and older children that they come into contact with. 

Infantino’s range of baby carriers are excellent choices for parents. With attractive designs, supportive features and great price points, they are a wonderful way to help parents to travel with their baby. The Infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier is the perfect carrier for a growing baby.

With 4 ergonomic carrying positions, this innovative baby carrier ensures that little ones are supported and kept comfortable and secure as they grow from infant to toddler. The positions are: facing-in (infant), facing-in (older baby), ergonomic facing out and backpack. This variety of choice will be appealing to parents, as they will be able to find the way of carrying baby that suits them. 

Suitable for children between 3.6 and 18.1 kgs, the Go Forward carrier supports baby’s back and hips in the perfect “M” position with knee-to-knee seat support. The padded shoulder pads and supportive waist belt ensure that mum and dad are comfortable while out and about with their little one. The carrier also even includes a removable silicone teether for a teething baby to chew on and soft muslin hood for rain or sun protection. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Parents can keep their little ones close and secure
  • Helps to keep parents’ hands free and reduces exertion
  • Natural, ergonomic seat in all positions
  • Perfect for growing children – suitable from 3.6-18.1 kgs
  • 4 ways to carry baby: facing-in (narrow seat), facing-in (wide seat), ergonomic facing-out and back pack
  • Extra-padded shoulder straps
  • Includes removable silicone teether and soft muslin hood

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