#WhyStockIt? Little Bird Told Me Norbert and Hubert Pull Along Toys

Little Bird Told Me is a brand that strives to offer an alternative to modern day electronic and plastic toys, offering consumers a feeling of nostalgia and timelessness with their beautifully designed products. Their toys help promote creativity, explorative play and movement – while also being stylish and elegant, perfect for any home. Their toys are designed in Yorkshire, adding appeal to their items for those who seek British design. Little Bird Told Me toys are built to last, ensuring that they can be handed down through the generations, making them great value for money as well as wonderful keepsakes. Grandparents and parents alike will love these toys, as they are reminiscent to toys that they may have had growing up. 

The Little Bird Told Me Norbert and Hubert pull along toys are lovely additions to the range, with adorable designs and dual purpose features. With his long horns and textured flowing coat, Hubert is a handsome Highland Cow and is looking for adventure! Norbert is an adorable donkey with a super soft tufted coat and sticky-uppy ears. Both designs feel quintessentially British. Both toys are super cuddly and soft, made from high quality plush materials. They have plenty of textures for little ones to touch for sensory stimulation. Norbert also features a scrunchy mane that provides crinkly sounds for kids to enjoy. 

Pull along toys are great for promoting exploration and movement, allowing kids to build up the confidence to move around. They can also easily learn cause and effect, seeing the toy move along when they pull on the string. They can also have fun pushing the toy along from the floor, seeing the way the wheels roll. These toys feature removable wooden wheels, making them both a pull along toy and a huggable friend – so kids can adapt their toy to suit their playtime. Suitable for children aged 6 months upwards, these toys are perfect birthday or christening presents and are packaged in attractive biodegradable materials, making them attractive to display in shops. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Made from super soft materials
  • Attractive timeless British design
  • Excellent for sensory development, as well as encouraging movement
  • Dual purpose toys with removable wheels
  • Can be used as a plush toy
  • Perfect gifts for birthdays or christenings
  • Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials

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