#WhyStockIt? Maternity Bag Essentials from Lansinoh

Giving birth to a baby is one of life’s most incredible experiences for many women – but there can be a variety of reasons that it’s not quite as magical as they’d hoped. The act of giving birth puts the body under a lot of stress and strain – and can result in pain and discomfort that remains after little one has been born. Leading maternity brand, Lansinoh, found that mothers often felt that they were unprepared for the lingering effects on their bodies and have released a great line of products that mums everywhere should take with them in their maternity bags, to get the self-care regime started right away. 

Lansinoh’s Organic Pre-Birth Preparation Oil is designed for use before birth, so it’s ideal to use in the weeks leading up to birth. Mums should also take it with them in their maternity bag, as it will provide much needed conditioning and nourishment to the sensitive skin of her perineum, allowing greater elasticity and less fragility. Moisturising this area is proven to help prevent tearing during labour. As such it is recommended by 99% of healthcare professionals. Featuring 100% natural ingredients, the oil is suitable for sensitive skin and has been specially manufactured for effective use in sensitive areas. 

Lansinoh’s Organic Post-Birth Relief Spray is also a must have for the maternity bag, providing soothing relief after birth and helping to reduce pain and discomfort. Clinically tested, this relief spray is suitable for sensitive skin and features a unique blend of herbal ingredients including Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber. These ingredients have been chosen specifically for their calming and soothing properties. The 360° sprayer allows easy application from any angle, so mum can access hard to reach areas easily without too much strain.

Another essential for mum’s maternity bag is Lansinoh’s Post-Birth Wash Bottle. This allows mum to carefully and gently wash sensitive areas, keeping her feeling fresh and relieved from post-birth discomfort. The bottle provides a gentle, cleansing stream of water that soothes any lingering pain and keeps the perineal area clean. The Post-Birth Wash Bottle can hold up to 360ml of water and with its uniquely designed spout, it can be easily used upside down to reach the perineal area. The wash bottle also features a collapsible spout and waterproof storage bag – so it’s great for taking on the go. The Post-Birth Wash Bottle was awarded Gold in the Mother & Baby 2022 awards for best pregnancy or maternity product, so you know that mums really love it! 

Breast pads are also important to take along to the hospital as mum will need something to stop any leakages of breast milk. Lansinoh have a range of breast pads available. Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads feature Lansinoh’s BlueLock core technology. This helps provide leak-proof protection instantly, ensuring that mum stays dry all day long. The contour design is capable of holding up to 20 times the pad’s weight in milk, while still remaining effective and comfortable. For eco-conscious mums concerned about waste, or those who simply want a different type of breast pad, the Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads are perfect, as they are reusable and can be cleaned easily. These pads feature three layers to protect against leaks. A soft face sheet provides comfort and the non-slip edge keeps the pad in place. The absorbent core is made from natural, bamboo fibres for fast absorption. Teardrop shaped for a more comfortable fit, the pads also feature a waterproof outer layer, so mums can rest assured they’ll be dry and clean throughout the day.

Lansinoh is world famous for its lanolin products, with the HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream being one of their key products. Their lanolin formula helps provide relief to sore and cracked nipples, so it’s great to have ready at all times, especially when mum first starts breast feeding. Composed of an ultra-purified grade of lanolin, the cream is ethically sourced and 100% natural without any preservatives or additives. HPA Lanolin is naturally hypoallergenic and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin is now available in a convenient pack of 3 7ml Minis – so mum can always have cream handy even when on the go.

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • A cohesive and comprehensive product range to introduce in store to customers
  • A great selection of award winning products designed to help mum feel better pre and post birth
  • Lansinoh’s birth care and recovery range fills a unique niche in the market
  • Lansinoh is a trusted brand with decades of experience and a great reputation
  • Natural ingredients are used in their sprays, creams and oils
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Attractive and eye-catching packaging to create an effective shelf display

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