#WhyStockIt? Medela Freestyle Double Electric Flex Breast Pump

Medela was founded in 1961 and is today a trusted global authority and pioneering leader in breastfeeding products. Its products are made in conjunction with advice and research from leading healthcare professionals, ensuring mum and baby get the best, safest experience possible from Medela products. 

The Medela product range is exclusively accessible to the independent baby and nursery trade sector at Baby Brands Direct! We have an excellent selection of Medela products for independent retailers to buy wholesale, ensuring that our customers are able to offer consumers a great range of top quality products. 

One such item is the innovative Medela Freestyle Double Electric Flex Breast Pump. The pump is lightweight with a compact design and USB-chargeable battery, giving mum the flexibility to express on the go! As it weighs less than 300 g, it’s perfect for carrying in baby bags, handbags and in pushchairs. It also has a rechargeable battery, meaning it doesn’t need an outlet, so if mum needs to express while out and about, she can easily. Mum can connect her Freestyle Flex with the MyMedela app – allowing her to time pumping sessions, track her settings, and record how much breast milk has been expressed.

The Medela electric breast pump uses 2-Phase Expression technology to mimic baby’s sucking rhythm – fast to stimulate milk flow, then slower to feed. This helps simulate the real feeling of breastfeeding so that mum’s body responds naturally to the suction, making it much easier to express. Double pumping with the Freestyle Flex double breast pump halves time spent expressing, and collects 18% more milk on average, compared to pumping from each breast in turn – leading to more successful expressions and a happy, fed baby. Freestyle Flex comes complete with Medela PersonalFit Flex breast shields for added comfort and improved milk flow. With its lightweight design and excellent functionality, this breast pump is the perfect accessory for any new mum. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Lightweight and compact for on the go feeding
  • 2-Phase Expression to mimic natural sucking action
  • Built in rechargeable battery for convenience 
  • Connect to free mymedela app – download and register to track pumping progress
  • Includes Medela personal fit flex breast shield for comfort and increased milk flow
  • Stylish gold design and easy to use interface
  • Overflow protection to stop breast milk entering the tubing or motor during pumping

Check out the product page for the full details – or head over to the Medela page to see everything on offer, exclusively at Baby Brands Direct.