#WhyStockIt? Munchkin Shhh… Portable Sound Machine

Parents will do almost anything to get their little one to rest and settle at night. Sleep is one of the things that is often sacrificed when people become mums and dads, but it is also something that can cause a lot of issues if they don’t get enough of it! From postpartum depression and stress, to baby’s development being disrupted and negatively effected, bad sleep can have a terrible effect on all the family. Luckily, leading baby brand, Munchkin, has an innovative solution to sleepless nights! 

Munchkin realised that babies can often sleep better with sounds happening around them, and have specially chosen sounds that replicate the experience of being in mum’s womb! This automatically helps baby feel safe and secure in their surroundings, as it gives a familiar ambiance. 

The Munchkin Shhh… Portable Sound Machine was created with scientific backing and this information in mind. This clever little device features three specific sounds to help soothe a baby to sleep – or back to sleep if they have woken up in the night. First, a shushing noise calms down an upset baby. A gentle heartbeat sound then lulls them into a calm state, before changing into white noise to eventually keep them asleep! 

As it is portable and battery operated, parents don’t need to worry about being out and about or away from home. The comforting little gadget keeps baby feeling safe, soothed and reassured no matter where they go, perfect for fussy or nervous little ones. The Shh… Portable Sound Machine also features a timer, as well as a lovely low nightlight which can even pulse in sync with the noise to further relax baby. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features:

  • Features three different sounds – shushing, heartbeat and white noise
  • Replicates the experience of being in the womb to soothe and comfort baby
  • Created with scientific research and backing 
  • Features a comforting night light that can glow a solid colour or pulse 
  • Portable and battery operated for on the go use

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