#WhyStockIt? – Pictionary Air from Mattel

The Classic Pictionary game has been revitalised for the digital age! Pictionary Air from Mattel offers all the fun of the original drawing game, while evolving to be relevant in today’s world and to resonate with modern audiences. With the special Pictionary Air app and pen, players can draw in the air and see the illustration appear on their electronic device – such as phones, tablets and smart TVs. Players can take turns drawing clues in the air while their team mates guess the images that appear on the screen. The team with the most points after 10 rounds wins!

The clue cards offer great, funny prompts and kids and adults alike will love trying to guess the subject from the often hilarious drawings. 112 cards are included, so there are plenty of rounds to be had and each prompt can be interpreted in different ways, giving the game excellent replay value. 

The digital aspect of Pictionary Air allows players to interact with their drawings, thus adding to the fun and chaos of each round. They can play the game charades style, acting out what their drawing is meant to represent. This offers even more laughter! Because the game is digital and drawings are recorded on electronic devices, the memories can be kept – making it perfect for parties at New Years or birthdays. The game also requires no paper, so there’s no waste – which means it’s more environmentally friendly, perfect for eco-conscious consumers! Games and puzzles are perfect for this current climate, as families are spending more time indoors and are looking for fun things to engage with. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features! 

  • A modern twist on a classic game
  • Pictionary Air pen tracks movements and registers the drawings
  • Free Pictionary app allows players to show their illustrations on the screen
  • Played digitally so there is no paper waste – great for the environment
  • Plenty of prompts for multiple rounds and games
  • Perfect for lockdown – a fun activity for families to do indoors
  • Great value for money

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