#WhyStockIt?: Ragtales Fairy Tales Tooth Fairy Dolls

Losing your first tooth is an important part of everyone’s early childhood, a sign that you’re moving into later childhood and maturity. You’re finally one of the big kids! Children can lose their first tooth from as early as four years old and the Fairy Tales Tooth Fairy dolls from Ragtales can help make this moment memorable and exciting, helping to reinforce the fun and magic of the tooth fairy myth!

The notion of the tooth fairy has origins that date back to the Vikings, where a tooth fee was paid when a child lost their tooth. Children’s teeth were also considered lucky and were carried around the necks of their Viking parents! The modern incarnation of the tooth fairy myth, where an actual fairy is involved in the trade of teeth for money, was first noted in 1908, in a “Household Hints” item in the Chicago Daily Tribune. The article encourages parents to tell their child about the tooth fairy in order to encourage them to allow the removal of the wobbly tooth, rewarding their good behaviour and compliance with a gift or some money. 

The tooth fairy was designed to be a comfort to children in what might be a scary or uncomfortable part of their development. The possibility of the magical creature’s arrival and a reward under their pillow the next morning makes the experience magical and fun – creating fond memories for the rest of their lives! It can also be used as a tool to encourage good dental habits, with parents leaving notes from the tooth fairy, praising their little one for looking after their teeth. More money may be left for healthy teeth to further encourage them to brush properly.

Ragtales have an adorable way to boost the magic of the tooth fairy’s visit and offer a cute alternative to placing the tooth under the pillow. Their Tooth Fairy dolls are beautifully crafted, with friendly faces and soft materials. There are girl or boy options, so kids can choose which friend suits them best! Presented in a book-style box with a magnetic fastening catch, these make for wonderful gifts! They’re soft, snuggly and suitable from birth so can be given to children early on for them to build up a fond relationship with them.

The fairy is complete with a specially designed back pack, perfect for swapping a lost tooth for a new coin. Kids will love waking up in the morning and visiting their fairy friend to see what has been left for them! Parents also love to remember milestones of their child’s development. Keepsakes, such as these adorable tooth fairy toys, will conjure up happy memories for years to come! 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • The tooth fairy is a well known Western myth and important part of childhood culture 
  • The toys help make the process of losing teeth fun and exciting
  • Cute fairy toys for kids to love and play with from birth
  • Soft fabric and embroidered designs
  • Backpack for easy storage of baby teeth and coins
  • Wonderful gifts for parents and family to give their little ones
  • Beautiful classic keepsakes for years to come

Ragtales has a beautiful collection of British designed toys with a truly timeless feel and look, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.