#WhyStockIt?: Schleich Horse Club Range

German figures and playsets manufacturer, Schleich, has been creating high quality, realistic figurines for around 85 years. A trusted and well loved brand within the toy industry, their collection of playsets is enjoyed by children around the globe, in over 50 countries. They provide a selection of product ranges, all of which cover a different theme – such as fantasy, dinosaurs or farming – to appeal to a wide range of children’s tastes. These different ranges are available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct, leading distributor of children’s toys. 

One of their popular ranges is the Schleich Horse Club range, with a variety of different horses, buildings and human figures to allow children – especially girls – to create the horse riding club of their dreams! Horses are popular with young girls, thanks to their beauty and elegance, as well as the bonds that can be built up between horse and rider. Many girls also see horses as aspirational as they are often in fairytales as the steed of handsome princes. These beautiful animals inspire joy and excitement and it is a goal of many young children to take up horse riding. This isn’t always easy, as it can be expensive and inaccessible for those living in the city. However, they can easily fulfil those dreams by playing with realistic figures from Schleich! 

The Schleich Large Horse Stable With House And Stable is a great option for creative role play. This lovely set comes with multiple figurines including horses, a family and other animals. Girls will love to act out family life, as well as interacting with the horses themselves – pretending to take them out for a ride. With lots of functions and moveable parts, this set is interactive and realistic.

The Schleich Big Horse Show With Horses is another great set that allows girls to play with their friends and put on a big competition for their horses. This realistic set brings all the excitement of the national horse show into the home and can be rearranged in a variety of different configurations, so the fun is limitless. 

Also available are a great selection of individual horse figures that are lovingly crafted to look like the real animal. The Schleich Pura Raza Española Mare is a great example of this, with beautiful dappling, exquisite detailing and long flowing mane. The Schleich Horse Club Sofia & Blossom set includes a rider and a beautiful white horse – great for adding to existing playsets!

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features: 

  • Horses are popular with young children and teens, especially girls
  • High quality, detailed dolls and figures
  • Beautiful playsets with lots of different features and activities
  • Great for role play and group play – for boosting language, emotional and communication skills
  • Holding and playing with figures can help refine fine motor skills 
  • Extensive product range in the same theme allows retailers to provide choice for their customers
  • Lots of opportunities for upselling as products can be used together

The Schleich Horse Club range will look great on any toy store shelves and as each set can be used with each other, the opportunities for upselling and add ons are great. Baby Brands Direct have a great range of Schleich figures and playsets available to buy wholesale. Check out the Schleich brand page for the full selection.