WhyStockIt?: The Hot Wheels Range

Hot Wheels is a brand that has stood the test of time, becoming one of the most recognisable names in the toy car industry. Their stylish little model vehicles were first conceptualised in 1968 by Mattel co-owner Elliot Handler, who asked his design team to create model cars that were cooler than anything else on the market. The original Hot Wheels were designed to be more like the ‘hot-rod’ style of car, which was popular with the youth of America at the time and aspirational for young boys! Hot Wheels started out as just a line of 16 die-cast cars, but over several decades, it has grown into a global brand that children love and that inspires high speed interactive play! Mattel now produces around 400 new cars and playsets each year! As such, Hot Wheels is a must have brand to stock for any toy store owner, which is why Baby Brands Direct is pleased to offer wholesale Hot Wheels products to the independent retail market. 

Playing with model cars such as Hot Wheels is not just fun and games. There are a number of benefits for children in playing with these toys. With Hot Wheels, children can refine and develop their fine motor skills – which are the small movements of the fingers, hands, and arms. As they pick up the cars to interact with them and send them hurtling down the track, their digits are learning how to function effectively. This is important for gaining the dexterity needed for things such as drawing or writing, as well as tying shoe laces or feeding themselves. They will also develop their hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the tiny cars, as well as cause and effect when they push the cars down the tracks, causing them to move at speed. 

Playing with toys like Hot Wheels, which engage the brain and help children get moving causes the development of new neural connections – helping children’s mental capabilities to strengthen and grow. Hot Wheels are great for imaginative and social play, as children can easily create their own worlds and stories by themselves or with their friends. As such these toys are perfect for any institution where children play together – such as nurseries and playgroups, as well as primary schools. Children can easily express their creativity through the stories they come up with – as well as physically, when they build the tracks for the cars to go round! 

Baby Brands Direct has a great selection of Hot Wheels cars and playsets, available at competitive wholesale prices. These range from the Hot Wheels Basic Singles Assortment, which is a great way to stock up on single Hot Wheels cars that are designed to delight with their cool looks, to the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Assortment which combines Hot Wheels flair with the charm of beloved Mario characters. We also have some incredible track building playsets, such as the Hot Wheels Track Builder Corkscrew Twist Kit – which sends cars spinning in a long corkscrew spiral down the track. Kids will love to watch the cars whizz around on this dizzying track. When kids are done playing, they can easily store their model cars in the fun and quirky Hot Wheels City Shark Chomp Transporter – a shark shaped vehicle that holds up to five cars! There’s plenty for children to enjoy in the Hot Wheels range! 

#WhyStockIt? Here are some reasons why:

  • Globally recognised and trusted brand and products
  • Most popular model car brand with multiple Hot Wheels cars sold every second.
  • Cool, colourful cars that keep up with latest trends
  • Great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Great for imaginative play with friends or independently
  • Allows children to unleash their creativity
  • Great value for money as kids can play with these toys time and time again

Hot Wheels and other Mattel brands are available to buy wholesale through Baby Brands Direct. Register today to place an order and take advantage of our exclusive perks and promotions, as well as an extensive selection of products from the best baby, nursery and children’s brands.