#WhyStockIt? The Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser Portable UV Sanitiser

The spread of coronavirus has served to make consumers more aware of germs and bacteria and the need to sanitise their possessions as well as their hands. Sales of cleaning and sterilising equipment has increased throughout 2020. With the threat of COVID, as well as seasonal illnesses like flu, it is incredibly important for parents to keep their baby’s soothers and teats clean and safe – especially while on the go, as babies have a habit of dropping things on the ground. That’s why the Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser Portable UV Sanitiser is the perfect travel accessory

With a handy strap that can be attached to changing bags, buggies and car seats, the Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser Portable UV Sanitiser is perfect for on the go sterilisation. It features a compact design, meaning it doesn’t get in the way and isn’t too heavy. In just under one minute, the Mini Steriliser safely eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses such as e. Coli, Salmonella, and Influenza (flu) using just UV light – so there is no need for any liquids or heat. UV light is a safe and proven method of killing bacteria that is used by hospitals to sanitise everything from operating rooms to surgical equipment, so parents can be sure that their baby’s soother or bottle teat is completely safe for baby to suckle on. The UV light auto shuts-off when the lid is opened. This great product is a must for any household and is a great offering to add to your stock. 

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features:

  • Compact and portable for sterilising soothers on the go
  • An excellent product for the germ-conscious consumer
  • Kills 99% of bacteria in just under one minute
  • Long lasting UV lights – mercury and ozone free 
  • No water, sterilising solution or heat required
  • Easily and securely attaches to bags and pushchairs

The Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser Portable UV Sanitiser is available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct. We are the exclusive distributor of Munchkin products to independent retailers in the UK. Check out the rest of the products available on the brand page