#WhyStockIt? The NEW NUK First Choice+ Temperature Bottles

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer the new NUK First Choice+ Temperature bottle range to our wholesale customers. NUK is the best-selling baby brand in Germany and is sold in 116 countries worldwide. They are popular with parents across the globe, thanks to their innovative designs and expertise on the needs of babies. Their new First Choice+ Temperature bottle range comprises all the great benefits and features of the First Choice+ bottle – with a handy new temperature monitoring function! 

For many years, NUK has been the first choice for many parents, as their bottles and teats are designed to offer baby an experience as close to breastfeeding as possible. The special NUK teat shape is modelled on a mother’s nipple. It leaves baby’s tongue and jaw enough room for natural sucking movements, while its shape enables easy latching. With its new soft zone, the silicone teat found on the new NUK bottle is a better fit against the roof of baby’s mouth, ensuring a natural feeling while drinking.

These new NUK baby bottles feature the innovative NUK Temperature Control Indicator. It looks like a thermometer and is located within the graduation marks on the back of the bottle, creating a stylish design that is also functional. The indicator changes colour according to the temperature, helping parents to achieve the optimum temperature when feeding their baby. If the milk is too hot, the normally blue indicator will turn white – allowing parents to give it time to cool without risk to their baby’s mouth. 

These bottles are available in a 150ml size (single or twin pack) or a 300ml size (4 pack). The NUK First Choice+ Temperature Control Perfect Starter Set is an excellent gift for new parents, as it comprises everything mum and dad need for their little one – including four bottles, a brush, soother and teats

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features! 

  • Easy to read colour changing indicator helps parents see if milk is too hot
  • Helps keep baby safe from burns
  • Innovative and unique range of baby essentials
  • Free from harmful substances and odourless – BPA-free
  • Clinically tested for an optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding
  • Safe grip and stable with a slightly contoured shape and wide base
  • Compatible with all NUK First Choice+ products
  • Teat is especially suited for babies who both bottle and breastfeed
  • Available in a range of sizes and quantities

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