#WhyStockIt? Tomy Toomies Peppa Pig Range!

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s franchises worldwide, with the show being aired in over 180 countries! The cartoon features the lovable Peppa Pig and her family, which includes her cute baby brother George, and each episode takes kids on a fun adventure through Peppa’s everyday life. The show is now on its seventh season, with the latest season beginning in March 2021. The series has been renewed until 2027, which means there’s plenty more fun to be had with Peppa Pig – with younger children getting the chance to meet her too!

As well as being on TV, Peppa Pig has a number of books and products under her franchise, with her influence growing stronger each year. She even has a themed area at Paultons Park in New Hampshire called Peppa Pig World! The appeal of Peppa and her brother George is owed to their cute designs and fun antics. Kids love the bright and cheerful colours, as well as the funny noises and silly behaviour. The episodes each have a lesson to teach as well, so parents can rest assured that the experience is educational for their little one. 

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Peppa Pig, we are excited to offer items from the Tomy Toomies Peppa Pig range! Tomy is a world leader in children’s toys, dedicated to making high quality, engaging toys that children will love. Tomy’s expertise combined with Peppa Pig’s appeal creates products that are guaranteed to be a hit. 

The Toomies Peppa & Unicorn and George & Dino Bath Floats are fun and quirky floating toys that are perfect for bath time adventures. These toys are made up of three parts – a circular base that behaves like a floating ring; a dinosaur or unicorn that sits on top and collects water and a little George or Peppa figure. These parts can be swapped and removed, allowing kids to play with the toy the way they want to. This versatile toy grows with kids as they discover new ways to play, explore cause and effect with the water squirter, develop fine motor skills and build their confidence around water.

Also available is the Toomies Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo which features Peppa and Daddy Pig figures, as well as a cute yellow pedalo. Trailing behind the pedalo is a floating yellow hoop designed for little hands. A gentle pull is all it needs to draw out the string. Let it go and the pedalo sets off on its journey, swept along by a set of spring-loaded rotating paddles. Little ones will learn the link between cause and effect when playing with the squirters and exploring how the pedalo gets to move along. No batteries are needed to make this toy go, meaning it’s always ready to be used!

#WhyStockIt? Check out these great features! 

  • Products from a very popular, globally recognised franchise
  • Manufactured by a industry leading company
  • High quality, colourful toys to make bath time fun
  • Cute and friendly characters that kids will love
  • Different parts to allow exploration during play
  • Builds up essential skills during playtime 
  • No batteries required – increasing lifetime and ease of use

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