Win a Munchkin UV Steriliser!

Munchkin UV SteriliserA new arrival in sterilisation and proving popular particularly in the current Covid-19 climate are those using the latest technology of UV light for sterilising. This approach kills up to 99% of bacteria including odour creating ones and viruses including flu viruses. UV light is a well established and trusted form of killing bacteria and viruses, being used throughout hospitals to disinfect operating rooms including those for the elimination of drug resistant bacteria. 

The LED lights within these sterilising units bounce of the specifically designed interior destroying 99% of bacteria and viruses in minimal time. They also have safety auto shut off of in the event that the device be opened during a cycle.

The Munchkin 59S portable steriliser is ideal for soothers and teethers to jewellery with its 4 gold LED beads working in just 59 seconds! Its small size and included strap mean it can be easily taken along when out and about in a nappy changing bag or strapped to the pram. It can be charged via the included USB led or using batteries. Watch the product video clip below for an overview:

Toy SteriliserThe Munchkin nursery steriliser bag offers plenty of capacity, measuring 32.5cm high and 39cm wide with a depth of 11.8cm. It is ideal for sterilising all baby’s things with its 21 gold LED beads, from comforters to teddy bears and not only that can be used as a regular bag for storing and transporting baby’s things while out and about! Surface contact of a comforter when out of the home  is no longer a worry with the Munchkin bag as the items can be sterilised in just 5 minutes!

These devices eliminate the need for use of sterilising fluids and tablets, water, heat and high-powered electricity as well as offering easier cleaning and maintenance with no descaling required. 

These sterilisers provide a modern, effective solution for independent sterilising both at home and while on the go.

Right now you can win your store one of each of these fantastic UV Sterilisers (worth a total £150 at retail)! Just take part in our online competition, ensuring you select the correct answers by the 16th August. One lucky retailer will then be selected at random to win the prize!