Boon Bottle & Teat Accessories

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Baby Brands Direct offers an exciting collection of drying accessories by pioneering brand, Boon. The dynamic company is popular due to their large collection of modern everyday baby essentials at affordable prices. The Boon Grass and Boon Lawn are sleek, aesthetically pleasing and add a contemporary feel to any kitchen countertop. This drying equipment is perfect for drying items of all shapes and sizes and it is entirely BPA free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Other products in this range include the Boon Fly Drying Rack Accessory, Boon Stem and Boon Twig. These drying accessories easily hold baby bottles in addition to other accessories such as cutlery and soothers. These products offer fantastic value for money and are made from high quality materials that are easy to clean.

Boon is a young company with aspiration to deliver a benefit to parents in response to problems they face brining up their little ones. Boon creates distinctive designs, statement items that are appealing yet very practical. Hidden in the innovative designs are cleverly build in features that simply ease the everyday life of a parent.

Baby Brands Direct is the international ambassador and supplier of Boon’s accessories, providing an exclusive access of the brand to the global independent market. With unbeatable price points, you can swiftly organise your order and benefit from our further discounts and volume schemes.