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During the baby and toddler years, children spend hours in the bath, so it makes sense to make it fun, and use the time to encourage childhood development. Luckily, there are all kinds of fun bathtime activities available, which will keep your customers coming back for more.

Babies and toddlers change so quickly that bathtime activity toys can be changed often to cater for their new-found abilities and help them aim for their next developmental milestone. It offers the retailer an opportunity to help a parent ‘upgrade’ to the next level of bath time activity toy.

Here at wholesale supplier Baby Brands Direct, we have a broad range of bathtime activity toys for retailers to choose from, allowing you to stock a good choice across the age groups. With brands such as Janod, Munchkin, Tomy, Tommee Tippee, Nuby and VTech, you can be sure you are offering good-quality bath toys to your customers.

Parents often look to specialist baby and nursery stores for advice and support in caring best and most efficiently for their little ones. In some cases, they are not always familiar with the products available in the industry or which ones will best benefit them. In the case of Boon, the crux of the baby brand is thinking about those time consuming, not so fun chores and presenting eye catching, trendy solutions that make them bearable and a point of interaction with baby and toddler. Their selection of Bath Scoops is a good example of this and the Boon baby products available wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.

A spokesperson from Boon comments, ‘We're committed to creating nothing but the most innovative gear and keeping it affordable. Our design studio is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another.’ A highly recommended product for retailers to stock, particularly as a gift item, is the Boon nightlight. The product features 3 portable balls with GLO multi-coloured lights that do not get hot as they are non-electronic; a great toddler bedtime bribe!

Why do bath time activities toys sell so well?

Babies, toddlers and preschoolers spend a lot of time in the bath. Even if they are not grubby, bathtime is a part of the bedtime routine that so many parents find invaluable. The older and more mobile children get, the more likely they are to want to get out and keep playing, so toys tha ensure they look forward to bathtime and want to stay in the water are always going to be popular. So popular in fact that the 2019 global market in toddler bathtime toys is reckoned to be worth US $20m, with the figure set to rise in the next few years.*

What age are bath time activities toys suitable for ?

As we mentioned above, bathtime activities toys span the age groups, from small babies up to pre-schoolers and beyond. Among the toys that we supply here at Baby Brands Direct, Munchkin Baby’s First Bath has everything a new parent needs, from a ducky that warns if the water temperature is too hot, to a swimming bath toy and floating boat train. It makes the perfect gift for a new baby. Older babies will love the sensory experience of the Infantino Glowing Jelly Light, and toddlers will have great fun learning about plumbing with the Boon Pipes Bath Toy 5pk, while pre-schoolers who are experimenting with mark making will love getting creative with Janod’s crayons in the Colouring In The Bath Set.

How do bath time activities toys encourage development?

Where do we start? It’s amazing what children can learn while they are having a bath! Encourage little sports people with the Munchkin Bath Toy Duck Dunk - a mini basketball net to encourage hand-eye co-ordination. Or do some literacy learning in the tub with the Munchkin Bath Letters & Numbers, which ‘stick’ to the side of the bath or tiles for lots of learning fun. Or perhaps encourage a young geographer with the Janod Bath Explorers Map. Develop fine motor skills by completing the jigsaw (which sticks to the bath), then learn about the different countries, and have fun moving the four vehicles around the globe. We’re excited about our new introductions from VTech, too. The Splashtime Submarine is an activity centre for the bathtub, with a rotatable periscope that teaches cause and effect, a spinning engine roller and gears that move. Plus, of course, what we have come to expect from VTech toys - push the light-up goggles to hear music, fun phrases, and lots more.

Are there other benefits of bathtime play?

For families without an outside space - or on chilly days when it’s too cold to go outside - bathtime provides a wonderful chance to take part in water play without getting the rest of the house in a mess! Water play is important in childhood development. Sitting in the bath allows for sensory development; feeling water on the skin, the different temperatures of warm or cold water and air, as well as being washed and dried. The opportunity to play without screens, phones or other audio and visual distractions is also important, especially in a busy household.

Little ones can also learn the first steps in becoming independent - helping to put the bath toys away, helping to dry themselves, getting dressed etc.

*Wise Guy Consultants Pvt. Ltd.