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Boon is a young company that is committed to creating the most innovative baby gear and keeping it affordable. The founding principle was to deliver a benefit to parents in response to problems they face bringing up their little ones. Hence, the Company was called Boon, which means ‘benefit’, particularly ‘a benefit bestowed in response to a request.’ Each one of their products offers a ‘boon’ to parents by helping to make their everyday lives a bit easier while incorporating great design at an affordable price.

The first product was the Frog Pod Bath Scoop, the design of which was inspired by founder Rebecca Finnell’s experience of a messy bath time. Today this product is included in the top 21 most innovative products list by ‘Mother and Baby’. Baby Brands Direct is a wholesaler of Boon’s range of brightly coloured, fun products that are engaging for both parents and children.

Bathtimes are an important part of every baby and toddler’s routine, so bathtime toys are always going to be popular with your customers. Parents will always be on the lookout for something to make this part of the daily routine fun and a smooth experience for everyone. A relaxed bathtime should also lead into a good night's sleep for everyone too!

Bath toys that keep little hands occupied have two benefits. First, they make sure they don’t grab for any other bathroom products, such as  mummy’s expensive bubble bath. Second, they can keep small people happy in the water, so that they stay in long enough to have a good wash.

Good bath toys need to be engaging, brightly coloured so you can find them among the bubbles, and sturdy enough to withstand being submerged in water on a daily basis. That’s why Baby Brands Direct stocks a good range of quality bathtime toys, including squirters, activity toys, crayons, musical toys and lots more.

Bathtime Toys

Parents often look to specialist baby and nursery stores for advice and support in caring best and most efficiently for their little ones. In some cases, they are not always familiar with the products available in the industry or which ones will best benefit them. In the case of Boon, the crux of the baby brand is thinking about those time consuming, not so fun chores and presenting eye catching, trendy solutions that make them bearable and a point of interaction with baby and toddler. Their selection of Bath Scoops is a good example of this and the Boon baby products available wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.

A spokesperson from Boon comments, ‘We're committed to creating nothing but the most innovative gear and keeping it affordable. Our design studio is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another.’ A highly recommended product for retailers to stock, particularly as a gift item, is the Boon nightlight. The product features 3 portable balls with GLO multi-coloured lights that do not get hot as they are non-electronic; a great toddler bedtime bribe!

Why are bathtime toys such good sellers?

Because bathtime is part of most children’s daily routine, from babyhood through to school years, there will always be parents looking for ways to make it a more fun experience for their children. In addition, as many bathtime toys are quite simple – such as squirters, cups and buckets – they are well priced, making them the perfect impulse buy. They also make fun, affordable gifts. However simple they may be, bathtime toys still make a huge contribution towards a child’s development.

Making bathtime fun

Bathtime is a favourite time of day for any parent who is at work all day. It’s a chance for them to enjoy some focused interaction with their baby or small child, so they want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. It’s also the ideal time for dads in particular to encourage physical play (research has shown that fathers tend to play in a more rough-and-tumble way than mothers) – splashing, blowing bubbles etc – and we have toys to help with that too. Parents also like to see toys that have an educational element, so bathtime toys that teach cause and effect as you pour the water in and out of them, letters and numbers that stick to the side of the bath and tiles all provide opportunities for some fun learning.

The importance of routine

The routine of bathtime is important, as it offers a sense of control and structure. Children who know what to expect throughout their day are better able to regulate behaviour and emotions. Bathtime, which offers an opportunity for communication between parent and child without interruption and other distractions, can be invaluable for language and communication development. So, it’s clear that making the most of this time is key. A toy that encourages interaction and makes bathtime a fun event rather than an onerous task, is invaluable in so many ways. And because bathtime can be a very different experience depending on a child’s mood – perhaps they are a little tired, a bit grumpy, or need another snack or bottle before bedtime – it’s always good to have a variety of toys to choose from to suit their mood. Janod’s bath books when they are tired, Munchkin Bath Toy Dunkers when they feel more active and Tomy’s Aquafun Octopals for fun.

Sensory and science play

Bathtime also offers a sensory experience for a baby, as the water touches the skin, as they learn about the different temperature of air and water, as they are patted dry. Toys such as the Munchkin Bath Float and Play Bubble Balls offer lots of movement and texture to add to a sensory experience. Fine motor development can be improved by squeezing water out of a squirter, like our Vital Baby Squirt and Splash Ducks and Frogs, fitting together the Boon Pipes before pouring water in and watching where it will come out. It’s also never too soon to discover scientific concepts such as volume, full, empty and displacement.