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Mealtimes are important for the whole family - but are especially important for young children who are learning how to self-feed and are finally ready to join everyone at the table for more grown up meals! Weaning is a stage that every baby will go through and it’s important that parents are prepared in advance as babies grow quickly! Mum and dad will need to ensure that they have essential equipment to hand - and this includes a safe and secure place for baby to sit while eating. 

As a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery products, Baby Brands Direct takes pride in supplying retailers with the best products on the market. Our selection of baby booster seats, baby seats, highchairs and highchair toys are perfect for any nursery store, child care provider, cafe or restaurant. Brands available include multi-award winning brands like Munchkin, Infantino and Fisher-Price! Each product boasts unique features, designed to make parenting easier for mums and dads!


Boosters, Seats & Highchairs

Wholesale baby booster seats, highchairs and highchair toys available at Baby Brands Direct

Baby booster seats, highchairs and baby seats are designed to provide security and comfort for young children during dinner times. It can be unsafe for a child to sit on an adult chair without restraint, as they aren’t typically confident with holding themselves up in a sitting position at this age. Therefore, providing them with a comfortable seat that includes secure straps, trays and harnesses helps to keep them safe and allows them to eat dinner without worry. 

Booster seats turn any chair into a suitable seating solution for small children. These products are perfect for taking on the go to friends’ houses or to restaurants, giving families peace of mind that their little one will be comfortable no matter where they go. Booster seats and baby seats help to elevate children to an optimum height, letting them reach their cups and cutlery easily. Our booster and baby seats from Fisher-Price, Munchkin, Infantino and Bébéconfort feature stylish designs, removable trays and easy to clean materials. 

Highchairs are great for younger children that need a little more support while they eat. Our highchairs from brands such as Kikka Boo, Béaba, Infantino and Vital Baby offer cutting edge features and excellent functions that make dinner time a breeze. Many of our highchair models grow with children and convert into different forms to suit different ages - such as becoming a table and chair when children reach a couple of years of age! 

Baby Brands Direct also offers a selection of highchair toys, which are designed to stick onto the tray of the highchair with suction cups and provide entertainment to children during mealtime. This can help to stop them from fussing or throwing frustrated tantrums, which can result in messy spills and dropped food. Our toys from Infantino, Lamaze and VTech include sensory features and fun activities for kids to enjoy! 

The range of baby booster seats and highchairs available at Baby Brands Direct are perfect for nursery store owners, as well as child care providers and owners of restaurants, pubs and cafes. As well as appealing to consumers, the products available are great ways to improve customer service and provide a family friendly dining experience for patrons. Register with us today for wholesale products at competitive prices, as well as exclusive deals and loyalty credit.