Bottle Warmers & Accessories

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Bottle warmers provide a fast and safe way to warm milk. In essence, bottle warmers work by producing steam heating the milk inside. Baby Brands Direct wholesales a rigorously organised range of baby bottle warmers in the UK from leading brands such as: Philips, Dr Brown and Closer to Nature, Nuby and Closer to Nature.

The Philips AVENT bottle warmer is a cutting-edge machine for home use with sleek design and effortless operation. The bottle warmer star integrated sensors that track milk temperature and automatically turn the system off once milk has heated to ensure it is not overheated. The Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is high-tech device with build in cycle memory that remembers parent’s preferred heating time with a one touch of a button. It works as a steriliser too and it can heat both jars and bottles. To find out more about each bottle warmer and accessories available follow through our comprehensive products’ descriptions.

As an award-winning wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct strives to deliver the best items to the global independent retailers. To help you select the best bottle warmers for your business and clientele we have been conducting ongoing research into what parents, industry experts prefer and would recommend. Once, we compare data we are able to present you with a sophisticated products selections that turn over profits.

We like to offer all-inclusive service that is why we sell baby bottles that are compatible with the bottle warmers available on our website too, so you can swiftly offer a full package of related products to your clients.