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Baby equipment such as bouncers and swings are a fantastic way to entertain or soothe children, while allowing parents to keep their hands free or focus on other tasks around the home. There are a variety of different products available within the category, designed for various purposes - such as stimulating baby and supporting baby’s natural urge to move, or gently soothing a small child to sleep for a midday nap. Busy parents can easily place their child into a bouncer and gently rock them to sleep, or allow them to entertain themselves with the fun activity toys that are often included. While bouncers are often operated manually, there are also electronic swings that provide hands-free movement to gently rock baby to sleep. 

Baby Brands Direct is dedicated to delivering the best products from well-known and respected brands to our wholesale customers. Our selection of high quality bouncers, swings and rockers are perfect for the modern family. With a range of products available, retailers are able to offer their customers a variety of high quality bouncers and swings.

Bouncers & Swings

Why are baby bouncers and swings top sellers? 

The baby bouncer has been a staple in the family home for many decades, with early bouncers such as the Taylor Tot being popular in the 1950s. Bouncers allow parents to place their child in a sturdy and comfortable chair that rocks with the child’s movement - or that can also be gently rocked by the parent to provide soothing, relaxing movement for children to enjoy. This is great for getting children to fall asleep for a nap, or just settling them down gradually after playing or being out and about. Many bouncers also feature a variety of fun toys so baby can entertain themselves while they gently rock in their comfortable seat. Bouncers are also great for inspiring movement in children, as they will enjoy the fact that when they kick their little legs, the chair moves with them! This helps to teach them about cause and effect, as well as helping to build up strength in their leg muscles. 

Baby swings provide soothing motion, like bouncers, but these are often operated with batteries or via the mains, so parents can place their child in and step away knowing that their little one will be entertained or soothed while they do household chores or complete their work. Swings and bouncers are perfect for the parent who works at home, giving them the opportunity to keep their child in a safe place while they have their Zoom meetings or finish up tasks. There are many models available on the market, each with a variety of different functions and features to suit the independent needs of each consumer. Baby swings often feature sounds and songs to better relax small children, with gentle lullabies helping them to drift off to sleep easily. These are great for babies that get restless and fussy during the day, giving them the chance to settle down and giving the rest of the family some peace and quiet!

Rocker to toddler seats provide versatility, great value for money and longevity of use. These clever pieces of kit are designed to convert from rocker when baby needs to nap, to a comfortable seat that is suitable for use as they grow. These products come with a range of features that make them adaptable and suitable for a variety of different uses - which is great news for parents who want an all-in-one product. Since these rockers provide multiple functionalities, they are great for small homes or tight budgets as only one item is needed, as opposed to separate rockers, seats and swings. 

Wholesale baby bouncers and swings available at Baby Brands Direct

Baby Brands Direct offers a wide selection of high quality bouncers, swings and rockers to the independent retail market. Our products are manufactured by leading brands with a dedication to safety and efficiency, with the goal of making a parent’s life easier at the forefront of the design process. We are pleased to provide retailers with access to the top baby brands, such as Tiny Love, at competitive prices to ensure they are able to maximise profit. Register with us today to take advantage of a convenient ordering process and reliable global delivery, as well as volume discounts and loyalty credit.