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The name ‘Einstein’ notably refers to ‘Albert Einstein’ (1879-1955); a genius, whose intellectual achievements and originality remain an inspiration to us all today. The founding philosophy of the Company is reflected in its name and aspirations to stimulate the intellect of babies and pre-schoolers. This was originally delivered via videos featuring music, stories, numbers, words of many languages, by the company founder, Julie Clark (a former teacher) in 1997. The Baby Einstein Company quickly achieved phenomenal success hitting revenues in excess of $25mn by 2001. The same year, 80% of the company was sold to Walt Disney who then expanded the original concept by introducing the brand’s own education toy line.

The Baby Einstein toys are now manufactured by KidsII, who bought the company in 2013 and wholesaled exclusively in the UK by Baby Brands Direct since January 2011. The innovative toy range continues to incorporate founding principles of music, art, language, nature, shapes and numbers to stimulate and nourish curious minds, aiding their development and improving their awareness.
The manufacturer states that, “They’re committed to upholding their tradition of pioneering thought and products, always believing there’s a new way to make babies smile just waiting to be invented.” In this way, they also create from a baby’s point of view, specifically designing to promote discovery and provide new ways for parents and babies to interact.
Product Ingredients:
  • Music - Ranging from soothing to stimulating, musical selections engage baby's sense of rhythm, pitch, and harmony, with plenty of hands-on interactive fun
  • Art - Images are frequently drawn from the real world—bright, clear graphics designed to help develop visual pathways
  • Language - Words, written or spoken, are presented in three languages – English, Spanish and French – so babies are exposed from the start to rich, varied vocabulary  
  • Nature - Babies are naturally fascinated by animals and where they live. Whether they are on a farm, a safari or right outside baby’s front door, babies love discovering their favorite furry friends
  • Shapes and Numbers - From one round doorknob to two square books, shapes and numbers are everywhere in babies’ lives, encouraging exploration of the world
Key Brand Attributes:
  • A trusted resource for parents
  • A collection of age appropriate products
  • Designed to inspire shared moments of discovery 
  • A way to introduce babies to the real world around them
  • Designed from a baby's point of view
  • The brand created by a mom for moms
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Baby Einstein

Jo Kennedy Senior National Account Manager at Kids II comments, “The Baby Einstein brand started more than 15 years ago, with a mom eager to share her love of the arts and humanities with her baby. It has since expanded to a full line of baby toys and gear designed to enrich baby’s young mind. We are delighted to have Baby Brands Direct exclusively distributing Baby Einstein Toys into UK independent retailers. Their proactive and efficient service provides an excellent match with Kids II and we look forward to continuing to grow a successful partnership together.”

A host of variety of retailers, from baby and nursery specialists to online retailers can benefit from having this globally recognised and affordable brand in their shop displays. An endorsement to the shop’s proficiency in baby toys, the brand truly does impart knowledge and inspire creative thinking of baby and toddlers using its products. With its founding philosophy and brand ethos, of wanting to stimulate thinking and share a love of humanities with baby, the products are designed from a baby's point-of-view and incorporate a unique combination of real world objects, music, art, language, poetry and nature. This encourages interactive experiences and enables parents an opportunity to introduce baby to the world around them in a playful and enriching way, strengthening their bond. Baby Einstein toys are developmentally age appropriate baby and toddler products and therefore offer retailers repeat purchase opportunities.