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Bébéconfort is part of the Dorel family; ensuring quality guaranteed products from a wide spectrum of baby categories from weaning to wheeled goods.

The brand envelopes a family loving, fun and playful market positioning, with their logo beautifully reflecting the same sentiments through a parent and baby elephant entwining their trunks into a heart shape. Bebe confort says, ‘Every moment together as a family counts. Because they're what memories are made of. So have fun. Be silly. Play more.’

The brand was established in 1936, providing a strong heritage of experience and knowledge within the industry. Their spontaneous spirit at the heart of the brand, is reflected in their sweet motifs that adorn their baby bottles right through to grooming kits. Their range is practical and affordable including boosters to double step stools.

At Baby Brands Direct, we are delighted to be able to supply the Bébéconfort brand to the independent trade sector exclusively, helping to ensure that only bon fide stores access it and respect its market positioning.