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Welcome to Bibado - a British brand on a mission to make a positive difference for children and parents in the feeding and messy play space. Childhood and parenthood are some of the most amazing adventures in our lives and we want to encourage a love of curiosity within both children and parents.

We do this through designing products to provide practical solutions, which also empower, educate and facilitate fun. Adventuring around mealtimes and exploration through play is our number one goal. We also ensure Bibado comply with the strictest of international safety standards for baby weaning products. Our Coverall Weaning Bib has passed international safety testing for the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and is free from BPA, phthalates and azo-dyes. 

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer Bibado's unique and innovative products to independent retailers in the baby and nursery industry. As a leading wholesaler to the industry, Baby Brands Direct stock the Bibado range of coveralls, bibs and cutlery - designed to make weaning easier for parents and baby. The range of Bibado products are comfortable, functional and stylish, making the products perfect for the modern parent.

Bibado wins GOLD for Best Baby Weaning Product with their Coverall Weaning Bib in the Mother & Baby Awards 2022.

The company were honoured to be given this award, and delighted to hear that judges comments included the fact that the Coverall is  'easily the best weaning product I have used for my children' and is 'an absolute game-changer'. 

A Bibado spokesperson states, 'Who knew that the Coverall would end up being an essential and much-loved part of the weaning adventure for over 1 in 6 UK households!'
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Bibado is a brand created by a mother, Rachel Wood, who sought to find an easy solution to messy mealtimes. The award-winning Bibado Coverall is a wonderful solution to the problem of dirty clothes, surfaces and babies that many parents face at dinner time. By giving kids this extra layer of protection, parents are able to spend less time cleaning up - and babies are able to explore and eat their food in the messy way that feels natural to them. 

Made from easy to clean materials, the Bibado range of bibs and weaning products are the perfect choice for growing babies as they begin to enter the stage of weaning and eventually eating solid foods. This stage comes with many skills being tested, such as fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also involves sensory stimulation and allows children to discover and learn about new foods, textures and tastes. 

Bibado products are designed to be functional and easy to use, but are also stylish with unique designs that parents will love. From cute animals, bright colours and ergonomic designs, Bibado's range will look attractive on shop shelves and make for wonderful gifts for new mums and dads. Baby Brands Direct stock a varied selection of weaning products from Bibado that will form a cohesive and coordinating range to offer consumers.