Blaze and the Monster Machines
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Blaze and the Monster Machines is a CG interactive series for pre-school children featuring Blaze, the world's most amazing monster truck, and his driver and best friend 8-year-old AJ. This Nick Jr series follows their adventures in Axle City, a town populated with big-wheeled vehicles known as monster machines. Blaze is Axle City's greatest hero and the champion of the racetrack! Whenever there's trouble he's the truck everyone turns to for help because he can do things no other truck can. Blaze has Blazing Speed, a special turbo boost that lets him accelerate and go faster than any other monster machine. But Blaze has more than just speed. He also has the power to transform into any other vehicle or machine! Using his engineering knowledge Blaze can add new parts to himself and change into anything. From a hydrofoil to a hang glider to even a hair dryer, if you can engineer it, Blaze can become it. AJ and the audience at home help Blaze on his adventures by exploring the physics of how things move, tackling problems and discovering the component parts needed to make everyday technologies work.

This show has been popular with parents and little ones, thanks to its bright colourful characters, fun stories and educational benefits. The show is designed to teach valuable science, technology, engineering and math concepts, in an attempt to get more and more young ones interested in the sciences. Baby Brands Direct are proud to stock the range of Blaze and the Monster Machines, manufactured by the highly reputable brands, Fisher-Price and Mattel and hope that our retailers enjoy the range too.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines is an exciting new show from Nickelodeon, which features Blaze, the most amazing monster truck, his monster truck friends and his driver, AJ. The show has been met with a great response and praise for its child friendly way of introducing scientific and mathmatical concepts to little ones. Baby Brands Direct, the multi-award winning UK wholesaler, is pleased to be able to offer retailers Blaze and the Monster Machines toys, brought to us by leading toy manufacturer, Mattel. This series is popular, vibrant and trendy, with colourful and fun characters that kids adore, so retailers can rest assured that buying wholesale stock of Blaze and the Monster Machines toys is a wise investment.