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Mums who do not want to expose their postnatal tummy when breastfeeding can feel safe in the knowledge that breastvest has got it covered! It is an item of maternity underwear that is held in place by specially lengthened straps, so that the vest sits just below a nursing bra, comfortably covering the postnatal tummy whilst offering a comfortable layer of support and modesty.

A revolutionary item of breastfeeding underwear and wholesale exclusive to Baby Brands Direct, the vest helps give mums more body confidence when feeding baby in public and makes any top a breastfeeding top. Created, designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, the firm has sold over 50,000 units since it was founded in 2009, in the UK. The nursery brand has been propelled to fame with numerous celebrity endorsements, TV appearances and awards including Gold at the BizzieBaby and LovedByParents, for ‘best breastfeeding product’ on the market. The maternity wear essential stock for retailers has been quoted as the ‘quickest piece of clothing for breastfeeding’.


The simple yet effective item of breastfeeding underwear is a must have for independent retailers to offer Mums and make them aware of. The item can help support breast feeding by subsiding self-conscious body image concerns, allows them to wear their favourite clothes rather than specific maternity wear and all at a very affordable price.

Sam Telfer, co-founder of breastvest comments on the supply chain, “Baby Brands Direct was our first choice of wholesaler to support our direct distribution to independent retailers so we were delighted when they shared our enthusiasm for the brand and our innovative product. We have every confidence that with their professional approach to business and strong commitment to customer service that they are the absolute right partner to help us take the Breastvest to the next level.”