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Physical and Digital! HEY CLAY helps little hands to understand how to achieve the modelling goal through it's free interactive apps, 'How to Sculpt'. Their offering uniquely combines their clay product with tutorials helping kids to learn how to roll, squish and mold the clay into the various shapes and figures. The modelling clay will begin to harden within 20 minutes, and after 24 hours it will set and transform into a unique new toy (no need for the oven, it air dries). 

Unlike other types of modelling clay, HEY CLAY leaves no traces and doesn’t stain hands or clothes. It is fully compliant with CE and ASTM safety standards. This allows the brand to responsibly state that its modelling clay is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for children. 

Baby Brands Direct is delighted to be able to offer this innovative and modern sculpting brand to retailers. The sets are very well presented and each include up to 18 colours and an App to create the 6 illustrated characters. HEY CLAY is more than clay, its a well thought out package that immerses the users in creativity, fun and learning.
The unique properties of the Hey Clay ecosystem make the sculpting process a wonderfully enjoyable experience that captivates kids and adults alike. Its key offerings are:
  • Interactive through App
  • Light and Flexible clay
  • Bright Colours
  • Encouraging Creativity
  • Safe and Easy to Use
The brand has the following accolades for its interactive and game applications including:
  • Best Game Design - 2017 Casual Connect
  • Best Preschool App - Teachers with Apps
  • App of the Day - FWA MOTD Award
  • Best Alphabet App - 2014 CEBA
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