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Janod is a toy and games brand whose products are predominately made from natural sources such as wood and cardboard. Louis Janod founded the company in the 1970s from Orgelet, France and 50 years on the company now trades its high quality wooden toys internationally with the recognition of multiple prestigious awards including the Progressive Pre-school 2018 award for best preschool gift range.

The toys available span from pull alongs to balance bikes, creating a range of products types that cater for children from 12 months to 9 years whilst also providing retailers with a selection of market price point.

Baby Brands Direct values being able to offer supply of such a high quality brand of wooden toys, that has so much attention to detail in the development value offered to the child playing with it alongside the stunning array of attractive colours used on the toys predominately from water based paints. The toys offer a catalyst for creative play, development, confidence and joyful moments that become memorable emotions.

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Wooden toys are a refreshing change from pre-programmed electronic toys as they allow children to think for themselves and enjoy traditional creative play. This helps them to be active and develop their motor and co-ordination skills as they play with the pieces from the toys, as well as develop their dexterity and strength. The beautiful array of colours, shapes and themes used to create the wooden toy collection are inspiring and will be loved by little ones given the opportunity to play with them.

A Janod spokesperson comments, ‘we seek to stimulate their imagination and empower them to invent stories and make children HAPPY through the simple pleasure of play.’