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Taking its design inspiration from nature, the Lalaboom range of beads and toys are exceptionally attractive and unique. The playful shapes also offer a variety of textures for sensory stimulation and its injections of both pastel and bright colours are visually engaging.

The brand’s educational beads and toys support progressive motor skill development stages from 10 months through to 3 years. Unlike many plastic toys that last an average of 6 months the toys are designed and manufactured to sustain interest and use as they grow, discover, and develop through experimentation. The stages include at 10 months the popping together of beads, at 15 months twisting and opening them, at 18 months mixing them to create new ones, at 24 months stacking them together and at 24 months lacing them.

The brand has been accredited with over 25 awards in recognition of its design innovation and high-quality concept including the Grand Prix du Jouet and the Parents Prize in France. Baby Brands Direct is delighted to be able to offer independent retailers access to this highly giftable and educational selection of Lalaboom toys.
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